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Manifesto Signatories March 22-31, 2014

Kerron Ramganesh
Independent Training Consultant
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and its vision.
John Newell
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto. I have been researching the 2 Sigma Problem set by Bloom in 1984,namely, "Can researchers and teachers devise teaching-learning conditions that will enable the majority of students under group instruction to attain levels of achievement that can at
present be reached only under good tutoring conditions. I have re-framed the problems as "can the perceived relationship between cost and quality be broken and provide and educational ecosystem that that equips students to meet the challenges of the 21st century and to lead flourishing lives’
Krista Luik
Independent Consultant
How could one not endorse these principles?

Thank you to the "Instigators" for putting this out there and to Reuben Tozman for bringing it to my attention. 

Raymond Kung
Learning intervention is not always the right solution, but when it is let’s get serious about it.  Bravo!
I endorese these principles and will do my utmost to uphold them.
David Nielson
NOV IntelliServ
I believe wholly in these principles and commit to strive daily to implement them in the training I produce.
Bradley Pierce
That Learning Guy
As a new Training Specialist/ID’er/Course Developer this manifesto will help me build on my core value of creating engagement driven training. I am excited to build great eLearning courses keeping the manifesto beside me the entire time. Thanks to the creators of this. The world of learning will be a much better place!
Dianne Rees
Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute
I endorse the manifesto!
Chris Karelse
DECX development consultancy & training
I endorse this Manifesto. 
Manish Gupta

I fully endorse the manifesto.

Let’s together deliver the promise that elearning always made! 

Michael Cottam
Portmont College at Mount St. Mary’s
The Serious eLearning Manifesto is a succinct list of what matters in learning. We could all improve our practice by practicing these principles.
Kelly Duran
I fully endorse this manifesto, it’s purpose, principles, and theory. 
Roman Ferrer
Kaplan Higher Education Group
I believe that the principles in the manifesto will guide me to better elearning designs and better learner experiences. I gladly join the elearning community in this effort. 
Ganesh Ubhare
Cirrus E-Learnng
This is really serious manifesto. I like it. I will follow it. I endorse it.
Felicity Pearson
This manifesto reflects my professional values not only regarding eLearning, but also learning and educating in general. The manifesto speaks to respect for the learner – something that should be foundational to any attempt to teach, educate, or train another person.
Tim Brobst
W.W. Grainger, Inc.
I endorse the Manifesto and specifically commit to my focus on targeting improved performance.
Sergey Snegirev
I support the Manifesto. We are already doing our part in moving away from the linear, slide-based information dump. Join the cause!
Garth A. Yorko, T.E.
W. W. Grainger, Inc.
I endorse the Manifesto becuase life is too short to build bad learning.
Shashi Gowda
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
I highly endorse this approach to serious elearning. We cannot move without it.
Mitchell Liswith
this Manifesto is just plain common sense and if followed makes our training product more valuable to the learner!
Tiffany M. Rapplean
Percipient Creations
I wholeheartedly support the Serious eLearning Manifesto and am delighted to see others embracing these common sense — yet very exciting — principles! The Manifesto reaffirms my belief in and passion for learning. 
Manju SN
I endorse this manifesto and  pledge to implement it to the best of my ability. It is high time we create meaningful eLearning and retain the positive regard for elearning solutions.
Kapil Gupta
We need real training solutions which can bring out actual change. Pseudo learning is spoiling the eLearning’s name. I second this manifesto.


Luke Kempski
As a company that provides learning solutions strategy and planning, content development and technology delivery services to leading organizations, JPL is proud to endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto. We have already begun to use it to educate clients and extended team members. We encourage widespread support and adoption.
Joel Copeland
KMI Learning
We heartily endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and will continue to do our best in conforming to it.
Jamie Bound
I fully endorse this manifesto.  As a creator of e-learning material for my current employer I promise to make serious e-learning modules that are meaningful to learners by individualizing each experience.  I will make sure that my modules engage the learner, address their needs and prepare them for performance proficiency.  
Joe Dunlap
I endorse the new standards and principles.  
Kevin Wilcoxon
I fully endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and seek to apply its principles in every learning project I undertake.
Kevin Cassel
Red Nucleus
I applaud the Manifesto’s focus on performance; the emphasis on practice, feedback, and meaningful interactivity; and the refreshing reminder to challenge our (and our clients’) assumptions and start with the right questions: What problem are we trying to solve? And what’s the best way to solve it?
Christine Chamberlain
I endorse this message. Thank you for this fantastic educational tool, and commitment to performance-driven eLearning.
Will Hampton
Will Consulting
Here’s hoping we see some elearning examples of manifesto-approved courses. I would rather quit my job than develop another page turner. 
Arthur Bigotti
Bigotti Ideas
Love the focus on what we know to be the source of real eLearning success.
Suzanne Crane
I want to cry most of the time when I take elearning courses that were clearly developed with the ease of design in mind rather than learner needs or objectives, when I don’t get to practice what I’ve learned, or have more than one way to get to the necessary information.  I commit to solving these and other related problems in my own design and development. 
Lori Thompson-Zittnan
Cricket Wireless – AT & T Mobility
I agree with the Serious eLearning Manifesto.  I also commend all organizations that support the design and delivery of this caliber of learning through the provision of adequate resources and executive leadership support.
Bruce Levi
Brand Learning
I personally and professionally fully support the principles and aspirations of the Manifesto & this group. I also believe that these principles largely apply to all learning.I think the first supporting principle is perhaps the most important of all. Do not assume that learning is the answer to improved performance.
Geoff Barrow
Gillespie Associates
This is a long overdue commitment to making eLearning live up to its potential.
Robert Penn
I whole heartedly endorse the manifesto and am committed to following its principles. I will do my best to spread adoption of these principles in my organization, in client organizations and in elearning the community at large.   
Sandra Hanna
Bomgar Software
To create any eLearning requires significant design, development and a deep understanding of your audience. I completely support this eLearning Manifesto and will do my utmost to ensure our eLearning and the non-profit foundations eLearning that I support meet these standards.
Michael Morrison
I endorse the manifesto!
Elena Clark
These are sound principles for all types of learning. 
Erica Inge
I endorse the ideas of the manifesto and will do my best to uphold the principles as I go about my practice.
The Entire Axonify Team
This manifesto outlines where the future of eLearning must go. Any organization that is considering driving true change and improvement with eLearning, should consider using this manifesto to guide strategic decision making.
Robert Hutton
Barnsley College
Great content 100% agree
Diana Logan
I endorse the manifesto, aim to put it into practice, and share its goals with others.
Thandeka Mlala
Puma Energy International
I fully endorse it.
Larry Edelman
University of Colorado
I wholeheartedly endorse the manifesto.
Matt Kurtin
Innovative Learning Group
I believe that following the principles of the Serious eLearning Manifesto will lead to better experiences for learners, and a stronger eLearning industry.
Jay Harless
I find the manifesto helpful in that it provides a common set of expectations for a learning product. In other words, "click-next" ain’t the solution to your problem. This is important for learning professionals, but even more important for our customers and clients. We need to educate them on our professional standards. If we are going to create a learning product (last resort if no other intervention will solve the problem) that learning product better be meaningful.

I almost see this as an ethical standard – that’s probably too strong of a statement – but how much damage are we doing when we participate in creating "click-next" CBTs? I think it’s up to us as learning professionals to hold the line. I know we are often pushed to get something up, but we need to at least be willing to let our customers and clients know that what they are asking is not in accordance with industry standards. And, for those of us in leadership positions (I’m pointing at myself) we need to have the courage to push back. 

Colin Simpson
Canberra Institute of Technology
I support the ideas of the Serious eLearning Manifesto and will share them with my colleagues. 
Martin Brown
Learning Makers Pty Ltd
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto. I pledge to influence, encourage and convince our clients to shift their expectations from the "typical"  to the "serious".
Myrene Magabo
University of Phoenix
The most valuable aspect of the manifesto as far as I am concerned is the relevance, the timeliness, and effectiveness of e-learning materials. If we must enable learning, we must provide tools and technology that enable learners to learn if the most relevant, less time consuming, and effective way!
April Haynes
Altria Client Services, Inc.
I heartily, and with great joy, endorse all of the manifesto. 

Manifesto Signatories 3/21/2014

Linda M Davis
Davis eLearning Solutions, Inc.
In trying to excel at my eLearning career, I have followed Richey et al’s "The Standards" (2001) and ibstpi’s various competencies as they applied to various projects. I have had to focus my formal education on instructional design because (in my experience) it is rarely taken into consideration for corporate eLearning efforts. After all, isn’t eLearning simply converting SME-developed classroom training to an online format verbatim? Ha! I am thrilled that The Serious eLearning Manifesto takes our profession (and the text-to-next conundrum) to a new level! It says we no longer focus purely on what we must do to produce/deliver eLearning for a client, but what we must also do enrich the learner’s outcome(s). That the manifesto is based on research, as well as an overall sense of what is currently lacking in the industry, has me enthusiastically embracing this new approach to my work. Until now, we were either a courseware developer or an instructional designer. The concepts in the manifesto bring these disciplines closer together and in a manner that can be compellingly presented to corporate leadership. Thank you for articulating the things we have known needed a fresh perspective!
Stephanie Daul
WW Grainger
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.  I will use these principles in the design of learning solutions because learner deserve the best. 
Ken Moir
Reed Smith LLP
*Thank you* for this concise and compelling statement of what’s wrong with so much eLearning today, and for spelling out the concrete steps we can all take to salvage a promising talent-cultivation channel from neglect and ignominy.  Much appreciated!
Izabela Mieszkowska
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Paul Robbins
US Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma
As a private individual, I endorse the principles of the manifesto to support "serious e-learning.
Larry Raynor
I fully endorse this Manifesto.  I believe it applies equally to all learning design
Monze Ontiveros
PwC Mexico
I promise to keep the manifesto values in my mind when I develop e-learning, or any kind of learning. And to always keep the student in first place.
Javier Cuitlahuac
PwC Mexico
improve the proposal and will improve the learning objectives
Cassandra Comer
I fully endorse and am committed to the tenets advocated in the eLearning Manifesto.Performance-centered learning experiences should be the benchmark not the outlier in instructional development.  
John Scuras
The Forum Corporation
This is a great list of key attributes of productive and efficient e-Learning.  These ideas, assembled in one locatin, helped me to focus on the key areas that will drive the high value and sustainable change using e-Learning.  thank you Serious eLearning team!
Judy Powills
Society of Actuaries
I wholeheartedly support the Manifesto and the supporting principles.  I am impressed with the commitment and passion expressed by Clark, Julie, Michael and Will.  I look forward to this adventure to keep us fresh and to go beyond just doing what we do well better.  
Robert Addis
University of Arkansas
I am a first year instructor for HRD programming and ID/Technology. The strongest piece of this for me is design process vs. design principles. It is what I subscribe to and want to teach my students. I want them to be able to fill in a process allowing adaptability to one’s project or work environment, but still deliver a constant solution. Also, I think the principles are useful beyond eLearning.

Thank you for putting into a framework for me to delivery to my very eager students.

Martha Pings
Using tech for people-humans, not people-robots.
Stefan Holhut
I’d like to sign, cause I really like to force workrelated learning with a focus on value not on getting a certificate. Action Learning is my approach to realize this.
Ray Jimenez
Vignettes Learning
The Manifesto is a call to action, a challenge and an inspiration for many of us to wake-up and focus our energies in influencing in our own small or big ways to create learner focused elearning. Thanks to the leaders and pioneers. This is a bold and significant step. 

Manifesto Signatories 3/20/2014

Dawn Adams Miller
You could take the e out of eLearning and the Manifesto would still be valid.  All training should look like this regardless of delivery platform. And I know that this is what most eLearning professionals have always been thinking.  Now at least we can articulate it (BTW, well done there) which helps us convince our stakeholders and bosses that this is the right way to do it.  Brava.  
Michael Shaw
The proliferation of technology sometimes takes the professionalism out of what is created with it. This manifesto helps to put some of it back into learning products!
Matt McCrorey
I am committed to the development of eLearning experiences that are tied to changes in performance.
Minghui Wang
Purdue University
I endorse the Manifesto and  and will apply the "Supporting Principles" to my work.
Rayanne Rogers
I endorse the principles of this manifesto. 
Norman Simpson
Subsea 7
I fully support and endorse this manifesto
Janusz Lenkiewicz
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Paul Signorelli
Paul Signorelli & Associates
The Manifesto draws upon what is best in the training-teaching learning world–it’s learner-centric, results-based, flexible, and direct–and serves as a wonderful reminder of what I value in my own day-to-day work with learners and learning. Glad to offer enthusiastic support.
Mariano Bailly-Bailliere
Doing right things doesn’t is easy nor popular. But somebody must do they.
Nick Howe
Hitachi Data Systems
I wholeheartedly support the Manifesto.  In recent years public education, long held back by policy, has overtaken corporate education as the center of innovative thinking.  It is time for corporations to raise our game, to abandon business as usual, and to radically rethink the purpose, design, delivery and measurement of education.
Kavi Arasu
Asian Paints
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way…"
Charles Dickens  in "A Tale of Two Cities".

He could have written it for the state of E-Learning now! We are richer with technology and instructional capabilities and we are yet to fully experience the spectrum (& depth) of the potential that E-Learning offers!

This manifesto provides yet another opportunity to honestly reflect on the current and to draw up the map of a future that is both productive and fulfilling. And more importantly, helping stay the course, towards creating that future.  

I endorse the manifesto and look forward to talking to colleagues, partners and learners about the manifesto and its tenets. 

I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.

Elspeth McCulloch
Florida Gulf Coast University
This is an important and thoughtful document that will help eLearning practitioners benchmark performance to develop meaningful and significant learning experiences.
Peter phillips
Unicorn training Group
This is a valuable initiative, the principles are sound and widely ignored.
Jennifer Henson
Mad Eye Editorial
I endorse the tenets of this manifesto whole heartedly and agree to do my very best to apply them when developing e-learning. 
Sue Nolan
TD Bank
Serious eLearning can make an impact; let’s stick to our principles and design for real learning!
Darius Dela Cruz
I fully support this and will promote this to spread the word!

I will strive to use this as a compass towards future eLearning design & development.

Manifesto Signatories 3/19/2014

Abigail Smith
I agree with all these standards and strive to abide by them in my work.
Raul Lozada
Learning Technologies
Great principles to follow! Serious eLearning Manifesto, yes!!!
Jann Iaco, CPLP
I support the Serious eLearning Manifesto. And thanks to the Instigators!
Angela Jimenez
Fidelity Investments
I endorse the Manifesto.
Angela Jimenez
Fidelity Investments
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Larry Espinosa
Philips healthcare, NA
After review this e-Learning manifesto, the 22 points highlights and embraces specific goals for meaningful, supportive principle’s that are often forgotten or simply unknown.
Mᵃ del Carmen Jiménez Gil
Suscribo todos los puntos contenidos en el manifiesto de eLearning.
Daniel Ronsholdt
Area9 Learning 
Performance focused elearning with long term impact – Imagine that! Great initiative!
Vico van den Eventuin
Army Netherlands
I endorse the principles of the eLearning Manifesto and will "spread the Manifesto" under my E-learning brothers and sisters.
Jerson Campos
Visual-e-Learning LLC
I endorse and support this Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Joseph Meeker
Health Care Service Corporation
I support serious eLearning and the new set of standards contained in the eLearning Manifesto. I will encourage others to do so as well.
Andy Petroski
Harrisburg University of Science & Technology
I support the serious elearning manifesto and will apply its tenets in performance improvement and behavior change efforts. 
Carol Barry, CPLP
Lockheed Martin
I endorse the principles of the Serious eLearning Manifesto. It fits in with my full commitment to focus on the learner when designing and developing learning media and materials.
Guila Muir
Guila Muir and Associates LLC
I wholeheartedly endorse this Manifesto’s values and guidelines. I hope e-learning designers actively use it, so that the rest of us (learners) actually get something out of e-learning. I love to learn and want to see gigantic improvements in the field!
Jonathan A. Flores
DaVita Inc.
I support & endorse this manifesto.
Tadej Stanic
From now on the Manifesto should be a checklist for every (e)learning intervention.
Agron S. Dida
It’s very good document. I am happy to endorse it.
Guy Boulet
Navy Learning Support Centre
I definitely endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto. As learning professionals, we must get rid of e-boring page turners and provide learners with meaningful learning experiences. 
Giuliana Ruiu
I fully endorse this Manifesto
Janet Childs
I fully endorse and support the Manifesto and will earnestly seek to implement it to its fullest in all future elearning I design and develop.
Giuliana Ruiu
I fully endorse this Manifesto
Michael Lowenthal
Zaxby’s Franchising, Inc.
I will use the manifesto as a guide to making decisions about how to help people perform better. 
Mᵃ Jesús García San Martín
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.

My learners and learners worldwide do deserve it.

Sherry Hansberry-Brown
Eugene Burger Management Corporation
The Manifesto places foundational concepts in an easy to remember format, with the most salient points highlighted. I believe #22 should be #1: Respect your learners. 
Krista Allen
I wholeheartedly endorse this manifesto, and it’s been needed for far too long. Learners aren’t passive knowledge receptacles; we’ve known this for years. It’s about time we eLearning professional acted upon it!
Anita Horsley
CALEX Learning Consultants, LLC
I love the concept behind the Serious eLearning Manifesto and endorse the vision.
Deanna Carrera
Microchip Technology Inc.
If you are tired of meaningless knowledge checks (matching, true false) that are forgotten instantly, the follow the principles in the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Ryan Simons
I endorse the concepts and ideas laid forth in said manifesto. 
I will continue to practice all these principles.
Kirby Crider
I promise to be serious about my eLearning and create "hard fun" for audiences.
Lou Russell
Russell Martin & Associates
It’s all about performance.  What can they do now that they couldn’t do then? 
Jillian Rimmer
Connections Education
I support the Serious eLearning Manifesto! 
John Boekenooen
University of Florida
All elearning courses should be developed with these principles in mind!
Megan Farrell
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto

Manifesto Signatories 3/18/2014

Timothy Gaughan
Learning Solutions – BCD Travel
Great manifesto – thanks!
George Saridakis
Studio 7 Communications
In my opinion, the manifesto makes for a wonderful bird’s eye view of the art and science of designing effective e-learning. Now let’s work on mastering those details!  
Andrea Moxam
I support the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Donna Roberts-Luttrell
It’s time for the use and potential of eLearning to be realized. Technology is not enough; its use must be appropriate and well-considered. As a learning designer and analyst, I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Julie Roberts
I support series eLearning and endorse the manifesto.
Benoit David
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto. It is a great, comprehensive compilation of principles which will serve as a reference point not only to remember, apply and even defend, but also to discuss further and enhance as we move forward.
Mark Smallwood
I heartily endorse and endeavor to support the Manifesto in all current and future learning development!
Donna Roberts-Luttrell
It’s well past time to align the use of technology closely with the needs of learners. I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto with great hope that its widespread implementation will mean great things for our learners and our industry!
Peggy Page
TD Bank
The Manifesto is a great reminder that we should practice what we preach. No serious designer would disagree with any statement in the Manifesto – this is our challenge to bring every design in full alignment with our beliefs!I endorse on behalf of my entire design team at TD Bank.
David McGhee
I’m in. Let’s get it done.
Kurt Andersen
andersen design
I whole-heartedly endorse the manifesto! The principles can and should be applied to all learning design.
Annick Monnier Rivkine
I support and endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto!
Dave Hallmon
I Dave Hallmon, wholeheartedly beleive and support the Manifesto and what it means to develop "Serious Learning." I look forward to implementing the supporting principles in all future eLearning projects. 
Tess Beebe Olten
I heartily endorse this Serious eLearning Manifesto!
Josè Luis Cabello
INTEF (Spain)
I endorse the principles of the eLearning Manifesto and feel it should be extended to classrooms.
Adrienne Gross
Beyond the red pen
Yes! Bring it on. For too long the learners have been forgotten. This manifesto helps us to empower clients to make decisions based on sound evidence.
Marnie Kennedy
My work will be underpinned by these principles. Where client requirements and/or expectations do not align with these principles I will work hard to change those requirements and/or expectations. 
Laura Bunte
I endorse the serious elearning manifesto and believe these princples and values can be applied to any learning design effort.
Tara Bryan
TLS Learning
I absolutely support these principles. It is vital to the success of our learners that we provide them with a meaningful and impactful opportunity to learn.
Michelle Wakelam
Virtual Accident
I I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and the supporting principles.
Leah Hemeon
I fully endorse and endeavour to uphold the manifesto in spirit and in practice. Down with boring eLearning that doesn’t result in actual performance results!
Cynthia Gee
IBM Global Process Services
I am behind these principles 100% and I strive each day to do my part as both a learning practitioner and a consultant to help my clients live by these principles.
Norbert Boruett
I support and endorse the manifesto
Marcello Molino
eLearning Consultant
I completely endorse and support the principles and the aims of the Serious eLearning Manifesto
Craig Palmer
I could not agree more with the principles of the manifesto. I also whole heartedly believe that we need a total learning manifesto – we need to look at all aspects of learning and nor just focus on eLearning.
Laura Overton

The evidence that Towards Maturity has collected over the last 10 years from nearly 3000 organisations highlights that L&D professionals who consistently apply the principles within the manifesto are reporting significantly more results from their technology enabled learning interventions.

Whilst the 22 principles outlined are not new, our evidence shows they are not being consistently applied. 

At a time where more organisations are turning to online learning, bringing greater expectations of return than ever before, we need the clear reminder that this manifesto provides – it’s not the technology that delivers but the skilled application of that technology to the business challenge at hand.

Marta Torã¡n Lorente
I endorse all the principles of the eLearning Manifesto
W Craig Wilson
Johnson Controls, Inc 
By renewing my commitment to the principles expressed in the Serious eLearning Manifesto, I will strive to produce highly engaging and extremely effective performance building experiences for my learners.
Tom Gram
Global Knowledge 
e-Learning professionals knowingly produce sub-par programs in servitude to calls for "faster!" and "cheaper!".  Use this manifesto to add "better!" to that formula.  Stand your ground. Skills and performance are the real goal. Fast, cheap programs wont get you there. They cost more in the long run, devalue e-learning, and frustrate learners.  
Ed Bowen
A path worth pursuing!
Craig Wiggins
Problem Solutions
I can get behind any call-to-action involving real-world consequences. Let’s do this.

Manifesto Signatories 3/17/2014

David Sullivan
Terrapin Media
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and the supporting principles.
Viviana Firbank
I endorse the principles of the eLearning Manifesto.
Pamela Gutman
I wholeheartedly endorse this manifesto for eLearning!
Thomas McGlew
ASM America
I Thomas McGlew of ASM America endorse and will uphold the eLearning Manifesto principles in all future eLearning development projects. I will also reach out to other developers to make them aware of the Manifesto and to urge their endrosements of these principles.
Paula Stout Burke
It is refreshing to see all of these values written in one, succinct place where we can view it as a goal and refer back to it as a standard to strive for going forward. Being in the corporate world will make the implementation frustrating; but, having reputable leaders in the industry behind these values gives me the confidence to push forward. 
Suzanne Deutsch, MA
DaVita, Inc.
This is a wonderful vision for eLearning and I endorse and commit to its philosophy.
Joe Brodnicki
Time is short, resopruces are small, and the need to imroveperfroamcne is too great not to fully leverage this (and every other leanring technologies).  In an age when we know so much, how can we perform so poorly?
Molly Murnane
I support Serious eLearning and the Serious eLearning Manifesto. Thank you for creating an opportunity for a strong community of professionals.
ilene b. gottesfeld EdD RN
Medical Simulation Corporation
I heartily endorse the Serious Learning Manifesto.
Bob Nutting
Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation
I am personally committed to a new set of standards and "raising the bar" for more effective eLearning. Let’s do this! I add my signature to this fine list. 
Anne M. Scott

This manifesto is drawn from solid principles in both instructional design and development. 
I can’t say enough about the need to keep a performance focus in our work — to keep it aligned with the business as well as relevant to the participant.

I also wholeheartedly agree that technology is not always the answer.  Where it can be leveraged, it’s fabulous — but to assume that every performance problem needs an eLearning solution is short sighted.

For all of the above, and so much more, I endorse this manifesto.

David Haskins
The focus on performance is the key
Judy Albers
Intrepid Learning
It’s time we deliver learning the way humans actually learn. Combining our expertise with what the best marketers, web designers, and brain researchers know, let’s commit to creating learning experiences people want, because they’re relevant and fun and they work.
Sherry Nolan Larson
Learning IDeologies
I agree with the guiding principles of this effort.We need to get back to the basics of good learning design so eLearning can be a powerful tool in the Learning Solutions toolkit.
Jenny Hill
I endorse the serious eLearning Manifesto.
James Yount III
United States Air Force
I not only endorse this manifesto, I am going to spread the gospel until people start listening!
Benjamin Carmel
Education Northwest
Enough click and play. No more sequential text on screen. E-learning order-takers no more. Performance-, learner- and practice-centric e-learning should be our constant ambition. A manifesto was exactly what we needed. Thank you!
Doug Murray
I support the manifesto and the move to more learner focused learning.
Tony Moore
Moore Performance Improvement, Inc.
I endorse the principles listed in Serious eLearning Manifesto. Training that conforms to these principles will efficiently and significantly improve employee performance.
Oleg Lungu
Great principles and values, I fully support this vision.
Ron Ryan
The Manifest is a succinct description of eLearning that few have strived for but hopefully will become a gold standard for the future.
Brian Steeves

Just because we know all of the words doesn’t mean that we have to use all of them.

Why do I want to learn this?
Why do I need to learn this?
What is the benefit to me?
Will you use both language and words I can understand?
Should there be: Conflict, crisis and resolution?
Where is the passion to learn?
Where is the passion to teach?
What is the Value Proposition?
Will you listen to me in my words and my language? I don’t know yours….yet.

I endorse these principles and believe that you are trying to respect what you intend to teach and to whom it will be taught.

Phil Mayor
Elearning Laboratory
I fully support the Principles of this manifesto.  I will advocate the use of these principles to my clients when developing solutions for them.
Bruce Graham
Perfect Performance Training Ltd.
I completely endorse the aims of this manifesto. In order to maximise the effectiveness of the principles and the acceptance of them in corporate eLearning, it is VITAL that we escape from our "learning-focused" world, and continue (start?) to explain these principles to business decision-makers, and HR people. If performance-related training is not seen as important, nothing will change. We need to show people that learning, "e" or otherwise has moved on. Too often we try, and yet are just told to make electronic PowerPoint.
Tim Boileau PhD
Indiana State University
It’s time to get serious about eLearning by taking what we know about learning theory and and what we have learned from 25 years of the World Wide Web, to deliver meaningful learning experiences that are authentic, relevant, and sustaining.
Taylor Wright
Drug-Free Business Solutions, Adept Learning
I agree with the Manifesto and will incorporate its principles in the eLearning we develop.
Juan Antonio Ortiz Caturani
eLearning Consultant
I fully endorse & support the principles of the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Jay Cross
Internet Time Alliance
I support the Manifesto but would like to expand it beyond eLearning to all organizational learning. I hope the Manifesto gains traction and starts changing behavior. It’s about time!
Beth McGoldrick
We should all strive for this with every learning project that comes to us.
Stephen Roberts
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto
Rob Foshay
The Foshay Group
I heartily endorse this manifesto!
At the very time when eLearning is becoming nearly universal, all too commonly it reflects the worst practices in teaching and learning, rather than the best.  We all must work to make best practices the professional standard in eLearning. 
Anne Bartlett-Bragg
Ripple Effect Group Asia Pacific
Bringing eLearning back to the learners 😉
Jim Hicks
The Profession Cube
I endorse the eLearning Manifesto with great excitement. The Manifesto is the best summary of learning principles applied to real-world approach that I have read in some time. I promise to continue to apply these principles to each learning engagement in which I have the privilege to be involved.
Lisa Reinbold
Isn’t our purpose as learning professionals, to provideo the best learning opportunities and tools to our audience/learners? I support this
Manifesto for not only elearning but all learning. Also part of supporting this manifesto is continued education of  our stakeholders on its importance and investment.
Tomas Pødenphant Lund
No more boring elearning! Follow these research based principles, and get happier, smarter, and better performing learners.
Owen Holt
I am already trying to live by the 22 supporting points. This is an easy manifesto to get on board with.
Claire Schneeberger
Monarch Media, Inc.
Thanks for your leadership in this important area. I endorse your statement and in taking actions in my work to support it!
Irene Doo
Pearson Education
Having read Michael Allen’s books and seen the e-learning courses demonstrated on his website, and being a new "disciple" of Julie Dirksen’s, I fully endorse the principles in the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Here’s to endorsing the eLearning manifesto and creating quality learning experiences!
Brij Sethi
I want to give it my best shot!
Jon Revelos
ExecOnline / Knowledge Narratives
As a member of the ID Community since before "eLearning" (was known as CBT), I recall how excited I was early in my career about the potential and opportunity for improved learning that was on the horizon, only to see much of that potential stall or be squandered.  So much of today’s eLearning is simply putting stage plays on television – putting ILT online without much reflection on the new options the technology provides in service of how people learn best. This Manifesto has been a long time coming and I applaud its backers for formalizing the semi-disorganized voices from the far corners of the ID world.
Bonnie Anderson
Harvard School of Public Health
The eLearning Manifesto represents all that is good and right in online teaching and learning. Whether in the K-12, higher education, or professional training context, online learning experiences should reflect high-quality, student-centered, outcomes-focused, data-driven design strategies; the Manifesto demonstrates one’s commitment to this understanding.
Betty Hornor
I wholeheartedly endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and will actively promote its adoption by my colleagues.
Liz Cichowski
The Friedman Group
There is so much eLearning out there that focuses on the latest trend or new technology rather than on improving performance and meeting goals while engaging learners. I am delighted to see that a group of people is formally recognizing this and has decided to DO something about it!
Chris Young
DeepMile Networks, LLC
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and argue that there’s no reason this shouldn’t be just the "Serious Learning Manifesto."
Tracey Stokely
Cincom Systems, Inc.
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto. These are the principles we should all strive to live by when designing and developing eLearning. Congratualations to Julie Dirksen, Michael Allen, Clark Quinn, and Will Thalheimer for your work on this project.
Becky Harris
Media Workshop Inc.
Learning should be about the learner. I will advocate for serious eLearning solutions that enable high performance and provide meaningful, relevant experiences – whether delivered through eLearning or another vehicle.

Manifesto Signatories 3/14/2014

Danny Engelman
Verdomd als het niet waar is!
Rusty Low
University of Nebraska
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto. By agreeing to develop elearning products aligned to these well researched and understood best practice with roots in brain based learning theory, the tremendous potential of elearning can be realized. 
Nate Horton
Connections Education
This is a wonderful start in creating and promoting quality instruction and valuable learning experiences for all learners.
Claudia Wood I endorse the eLearning manifesto.
Maria Simmons
I am committed to the 22 principles in the Serious eLearning Manifesto. I will  will use it as a way to improve and measure my own performance.
Cindi Celske
eLearning Rox
I’m excited to be a part of empowering the creation and use of serious eLearning! Let’s work at designing and developing eLearning that rocks!
John Curran
Designed for Learning
Let’s take e-learning to the next level.
Dr Nancy Harkrider
KDI Americas, LLC
I applaud this initiative and the thoughtful, courageous intent behind the manifesto.  The issues are critical enough that not to reflect on them and then take  action is counter-productive to every thing we say we believe in. The badge will be displayed proudly on our websites and will be a reminder that our organization is committed to walking the talk. Thank you for your leadership!
Bev Ferrell
Independent L-ISD
The manifesto is what every designer should or should have been considering at any time for any project,for all learning or training outcomes, or for those projects that do not require products but change management in their current processes.
Pam Robertson
Urban Systems
I fully support the Manifesto. Here! Here!
Suzanne Wagner
Rentokil North America
I endorse this manifesto.
Tom Reeves
The University of Georgia
Anything that can be done to move away from the deadly "click to see the next screen" mode of so much of what is labeled e-learning is worthwhile. I think this Serious eLearning Manifesto is a step in the right direction. It would be good to establish a set of exemplars for each of the Supporting Principles.
Jackie Dobrovolny
Triple Play
1. Totally agree that the state of elearning is often content focused, attendance driven and exemplifies the other six adjectives you list under typical elearning.

2. Totally agree that your serious elearning adjectives and the supporting principles should be our focal point and our quality control checklist.

3. These are my issues about the manifesto:

a. Generally, the term elearning can connote either self-paced instruction or synchronous, instructor-led webinars. I believe your manifesto applies to self-paced elearning and it would be helpful if you stated that. 

b. Recent research indicates that synchronous, instructor-led elearning is getting better. Notice that neither of these articles use the term elearning. Perhaps there is a terminology problem?

Means, B., Toyama, Y., Murphy, R., Bakia, M., & Jones, K. (2010). Evaluation of evidence-based practices in online learning: A meta-analysis and review of online learning studies.  Washington, D.C.:: Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development.

Zhao, Y., Lei, J., Yan, B., Lai, C., & Tan, H. S. (2005). What makes the difference? A practical analysis of research on the effectiveness of distance education. Teachers College Record, 107(8), 1836“1884.

c.There were several participants in the manifesto hangout who noted that the manifesto applied to learning, i.e., training.  I totally agree with that. I have heard hundreds of horror stories about the lack of respect many organizations have for instructional designers. Perhaps we have a credibility problem?

d.I suspect that most organizations operate on the theory it’s good enough. If a company can spend $1000 and get 80% effectiveness, perhaps that’s good enough. Perhaps their employees are motivated enough and smart enough to just figure out the other 20%.  Perhaps we need to come to terms with good enough?

e.Finally, while it is very difficult to measure the effectiveness of learning or elearning, we have to figure that out. We have to be able to clearly explain how our serious elearning will be worth paying for the other 20%.

James Handyside
Improvision Healthcare Inc. and St. Joseph’s Health Care
I believe in evidence guided learning, based on the best available knowledge. This manifesto provides vitally important guard rails on the path to realize remarkable improvement in the art and science of technology assisted learning and performance improvement.
Sarah Crawford I will strive to implement the principles set forth in this manifesto and also educate and advocate using these concepts to promote positive change in e-learning!
Jeanne Farrington
J. Farrington Consulting
Thank you for putting these principles together in one place and sharing them as broadly as possible. 
Amit Garg
Upside Learning
A great initiative to summarize years of research and make it usable by practitioners. 
Matthew Guyan The supporting principles of The Manifesto need to become the new normal in eLearning. It’s up to us to make it happen.
Derek Thomas
DGT Learning Solutions
I fully endorse and actively support the principles of the Serious eLearning Manifesto which has also been endorsed by leading international learning organisations and thought leaders. I am confident that the application of the manifesto will contribute to  continuing standards of excellence in serious eLearning.
Sjoerd de Vries
I endorse the manifesto and hereby promise to cooperate with our customers to create more engaging e-learning and commit to the standards for serious learning.
David Burden
Daden Limited
We highly endorse this manifesto. In our experience learners learn better and are far more engaged when they are offered the ability to learn within a realistic environment, doing realistic tasks and at times convenient to them, as well as in collaborative group sessions.
Matthew Mason
iDesign Training
I endorse the manifesto and it’s supporting principles, and look to promote the values and characteristics of Serious Elearning.
Beatrijs van de Griendt
Tribridge EMEA
Learning should facilitate the growth of each learner in the best possible way. To facilitate this process we should use the channel that fits both the individual learner and the learning outcome best.  Let’s talk about Learning in general and see in what way we can achieve the desired learning/business goals. 
Ellen Castrucci
Total Wine & More
I support all the principles of the manifesto and will do my best to reflect them in my elearning solutions.
Jaime Oyarzo Espinosa
Alcala University, Spain
Bravo, it’s a really good initiative!
Cheri Lockett Zubak
Work Write, Inc.
I passionately agree with the Serious eLearning Manifesto. Now let’s do something.
Ron L. Shamwell
collegefairmagazine (CFM)
CFM whole heartily endorses the eLearning manifesto for its insightful encouragement to meet present and future challenges, as well as being a stakeholder.The manifesto can be used by both academics and corporate individuals and groups to enhance eLearning goals, objectives, and practices.
Michael Gardner
Learning Professional
I endorse and support these principles.
Elaine Carr, CPLP
Digital Direct
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto
Bartłomie I endorse best quality e-learning and eLearning Manifesto!
Glenn Mundo
Sandstone Technology
As someone who will be responsible for the learning initiatives in one of the solutions group in my organization, I wholly endorse the principles bound in this manifesto.
Lesli Woodruff
Nuance Communications
Finally, a statement of the current challenges and a vision of the future of e-learning! I endorse the manifesto and embrace its tenets.
Hannah von Bank
Allen Interactions
I pledge to help create learning that benefits my learners.
Theophan Konstantinov
Melon Learning
I would like to commit to the manifesto in which I firmly believe. I will do all in my power to endorse the manifesto through my work, my words, my actions, and every other possible way.
Heather L. Porterfield I’m a proud signatory of the eLearning Manifesto!
Giant Eagle, Inc.
I wholeheartedly accept and willingly endorse this Serious eLearning Manifesto.
As an eLearning and Instructional Design professional, I accept my role and duty to adopt, apply, and elevate the 22 principles that have been documented herein. Furthermore I accept the responsibility to share this manifesto with my colleagues and organization to elevate our eLearning development efforts to create Learner Performance centric content.
Jeff Kortenbosch
Serious Learning. | AkzoNobel
A great initiative and a manifesto to live by. I’ll incorporate these wherever and whenever I can and use this a checklist with customers in my own company and internally at my job as Senior eLearning Specialist at AkzoNobel.
Steve Cunningham
Charleston Area Medical Center
I enthusiastically endorse this manifesto.

Manifesto Signatories 3/13/2014

Endorsements submitted on March 13, 2014

Muriel Flanagan I wholeheartedly agree with, and endorse this manifesto.  This is what is needed to turn the eLearning industry around and on it’s head, so that eLearning can be meaningful and appropriate to meet the needs of users and their educational requirements.
Debbie Smith
Delta Career Ed
Don Bolen
dBolen & Associates, Inc
This manifesto aligns with the 2001 Agile Manifesto that stoves to find a better way to develop software. Makes sense to leverage for better eLearning. 
Kasper Spiro
Yes, right on the money! I wished I came up with this maifesto. eLearning should change and live up to it’s promise. It should be learner oriented, performance base (behaviour change), it should attracht and motivate people, personalized en much more. I fully endorse this Manifesto
Steve Lee
Allen Interactions
This Manifesto finally puts what the eLearning professional strives for into a concise format that can be used as a daily commitment to quality.
Warren F. Prince
Institute of Nuclear Power Operations
I endorse and strongly agree with the principals in the eLearning Manifesto.
Marie DesJardin
Verint Systems
We need flexible, targeted learning to help our learners succeed. 
Scott Nipper
Barco, Inc
I endorse this Manifesto and pledge to implement it to the best of my ability
brian wrest
The Performance Improvement Company, LLC.
I Brian Wrest do swear to apply these principles in all performance improvement efforts be it in eLearning, instructor led training, or performance support.
Ken Andrus
Michigan Blood
I whole heartedly agree with this manifesto for eLearning.
Matthew Nehrling
Verizon Wireless/
It is important that each of us, in our own organizations as well as our own personal commitment, strive to improve our industry and set higher standards. The Manifesto is a step towards this goal.
John H. Griffin
Great ideas here. I am so glad to see this.  
Tracy Parish
What really speaks to me are the principles that have been outlined. There are many ideals here that I have tried to live up to, then there are those I want to live up to, and a few that I haven’t yet thought of to explore. In a time when budgets often are the first thing that matter in organizations, it’s more and more important to prove and show your worth and value to an organization.  Implementing these principles into each of the solutions that we create for our organizations will and can only solidify our true value.
Bryan L Austin
Game On! Learning
Thanks to the thinking and vision of these 4 industry leaders.  What you see if what we’ve seen, for years.

As an L&D industry, we have got to get our GAME ON or we will cease to be relevant to the businesses we serve.

Chris Sullivan
I believe in Serious eLearning!
Alan Montague, CPLP
IMPROVing Organizations
The work we do in helping people learn is ‘sacred’ work. If we just create content heavy, learning poor courses we fail in our responsibility.
Linda Mahnken
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Jackie Van Nice
I endorse the manifesto and think it reflects the same principles that Michael Allen has been supporting, promoting, and teaching for years. Well done. 
Kevin Mulvihill
The manifesto is based on solid, empirical evidence that supports what we should be doing when we build our e-learning.
Cindy Pandke
St Joseph’s Health Care London
We are exited about bringing this tool to our development of our eLearning modules.  It’s time to create learning that will help people do better and to BE BETTER.  Realistic case scenarios, allowing people to work through challenges, provide options and then have realistic consequences to those choices.  Our learners are adults, they have some level of ‘smarts’, lets work with those ‘smarts’.
Catherine Gentle
Excited to be a part of the mission and commitment to deliver serious and effective eLearning to the masses!
Richard Karel
I hereby endorse the serious elearning manifesto in my own work as an instructional developer.
Jay Holobach
Macro 2 Micro Solutions, LLC
It’s not about training – it’s about performance. I agree with the manifesto.
Ron Izzo
New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority
I endorse this Manifesto. I believe establishing the need is first and foremost not just to meet mission goals and objectives but also in convincing the learner that the material is without a doubt relevant and critical for them to accomplish.
Viv Cole
Viv Cole Associates Ltd
People know what lawyers and accountants do and how to buy from them as providers of professional services. e-learning is a younger and far more misunderstood industry. The manifesto codifies what good practice looks like and I hope that we can build from this to giving learners great experiences that shift organisational performance.
Rick Shor
The Mosaic Company
I hope that the adoption of the manifesto will help realize the promise of eLearning as it was perceived originally by its earliest visionaries.
Melody Giacomino
Digitec Interactive
Transform Learning Change Lives
Dan Thatcher
This represents the key to effective learning experiences of any kind. I agree to do my best to never take shortcuts that will ignore these principles.
Dr. Fola Ajisafe
I endorse the manifesto in its entirety.
Brett Dillon
IBS Advisors, LLC
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and the supporting principles.
Mary Gutwein
Humana National Education
I commit to developing eLearning that falls in line with the Serious eLearning Manifesto. I also commit to encouraging others on my immediate team and in my organization to commit to these principles.
claire lavin
learning seat
I endorse the principles of the manifesto and commit to using them in elearning development.
Shabnam Kaderi
T-Mobile US – CS Learning & Development
My Customer Service Enterprise Strategy L&D team has been talking about these topics on our own this year as we develop our roadmap for improving our processes.  We had arrived at many of these same key principles and already committed to aligning with these ideas.  
Christy P Novack
Being new to the field, this ties in with what I have been learning in grad school. 
Paul Lush
Lush Consulting International
I support the initiative of the eLearning Manifesto!
Rebecca Olien
Independent Instructional Designer
I endorse the principles of the eLearning Manifesto and believe the importance of using these principles to ensure eLearning meets the amazing potential available for real learning to solve real problems. 
Fred Sheahan
C.H. Robinson
I agree with the principles of eLearning Manifesto. I will strive to apply these principles to my work and to advocate them within my organization. 
Tricia Ransom
I endorse the manifesto and think I’ll edit it a tad…I always want to respect the learners first. 
JC Kinnamon
Practising Law Institute
I heartily endorse the principles of the serious eLearning Manifesto.

Wendy Myers
Cobalt Productivity Solutions
This sums and organizes how to approach eLearning.  I endorse it.
Walter Ratcliff
Ratcliff Consultants
Bravo!  Finally an ‘agile manifesto’ for the eLearning community.  These principles will help all of us focus on performance rather than design ephemera…and stay relevant. 

I wholeheartedly endorse all the principles.  

Nancy Hyde
Hyde Performance Solutions
I endorse the manifesto.
Michael Laudone
These principles and guidelines are helpful to not only remind eLearning designers and developers of the important aspects of creating effective eLearning. It also helps us by providing support when we need to explain our new designs to clients. 
Mary Vivit
I endorse the ideas and goals of the Serious eLearning Manifesto and will work towards those goals and ideals in my eLearning projects.
Terri Carter, RN, CNN
DaVita, Inc
I endorse this manifesto as a positive approach and direction of developing and delivering elearning.
Greg Mellang
Minnesota Department of Health
Making eLearning engaging and rich with content and practical application to the learner is key.  The manifesto will make accountable to deliver great eLearning.
Adam Larson
This is a great way to shake up the ranks
Julie Rodgers
ESCO Corporation
I agree with these values and will do my best to follow these principles.
Ian D Minderman
The eLearning Manifesto represents a step forward for the field of eLearning.  It accurately reflects the vision we, as eLearning developers,   need to adopt in order to move away from ineffective practice and towards the realization of eLearning’s full potential.
Terri Cheney
Connect! Learning Design
Exquisitely concise and pragmatic! Implementing even a fraction of the ideas in the Manifesto will make a dramatic difference in the kind of eLearning coming into the world.
Doreen Ruffe
I endorse and will implement the principles of the manifesto in my work.
Jan Gray
eLearning Diner
I heartily endorse this manifesto. It supports the research that is available and the 22 guiding principles will definitely lead us as practitioners to develop higher quality learning events.
Julie Jordan
Performance Solutions
I endorse
Rachel Cervin Kubel
Devereux Foundation
I wholeheartedly agree with this manifesto!
Mathias Vermeulen
Winston Wolfe
I, Mathias Vermeulen, do solemnly swear that I will execute the eLearning Manifesto to the best of my ability!
Jennifer Zapp
Zapp Interactive
There is way too much boring elearning. There is so much capability to make exciting and meaningful learning. It is critical for our industry to push for meaningful learning activities, improved tools for creating serious learning and provide learning opportunities for developers of elearning to improve the instructional design that backs up awesome elearning.
Michael Hernandez
Performance is the key and doing is performance.  The reality is that people generally need to learn in order to do, but they also learn best by doing.  I endorse the manifesto as a crucial approach for e-learning to contribute effectively to performance.  Maybe we should call it e-doing…

Dan Keckan
Cinecraft Productions
I’ve been frustrated with bad eLearning for years.  If clients, stakeholders and subject matter experts agree to follow our lead and accept these principles we can finally improve performance.  Furthermore, my hope is that the authoring tools we use adopt these principles in the development of their software.
Valary Oleinik
Glad I got a chance to see the big kickoff (hangout) on the manifesto. Already live tweeted (@valarywithawhy)the event and ready to help spread the excitement I felt people had about making things better.
John Morley
Original Vision
Put the talk into action. Get past operating the technology to focus on using the media to create meaningful experiences for the audience.
Mag Ruffman
Ruffman Entertainment
I’m a TV producer new to the eLearning industry and every single point you’ve made is exactly what we’ve been saying to our clients.  It’s fantastic to see these values backed up by industry heavyweights who have done the background research to prove their points. The eLearning industry SO needs to be disrupted because so many content suppliers seem to have an attitude that says, "Hey, I know the courses we’re building are based on tech levels from the 70s but that’s what the buyers want.  And we’re making pretty good dough, so ix-nay."  Really? Thank you so much for calling out the complacency in the eLearning industry. Long live the Manifesto. 
Grant Rykken
I endorse The Manifesto. It outlines the way we need to create elearning in order to be as effective as possible.
Brian Valentine
UW Medicine
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Nicholas Sargent
BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
I resonate with most, if not all, of these principles. And I will try to implement more of them as opportunities arise and my skill level and awareness increases.
D Kelly
The principles seem sound.
Debbie Wooldridge
ttcInnovations is committed to begin implementing the 23 principles as a part of our quality review process of all elearning materials created by our company for our clients.
Richard Shadrin
Wonderful Brain LLC
Superior effort, long overdue especially recognizing elearning has lost its way. I believe the ease of tools like Articulate have found a home in the executive suite as an inexpensive, just good enough nod at educating.

By standing forth with a set of principles there is now a set of ‘soft metrics’ against which serious corporate educators can use to benchmark courseware. And the likelihood that these principles will indeed lead to better performances when executed by innovators and early adopters will, hopefully convince the untutored that there is a solid methodology to excellence.

Rick Blunt
Blunt Learning Services
We need a way to unite as an industry to influence the adoption of the manifesto. We must do, not talk. We must transform thinking, habits, expectations, production, and behavior in line with the manifesto. We must, somehow, get decision makers and learner "see the light" so we can live the manifesto. Reminds me of the Cluetrain Manifesto. Google it.
Josh Cavalier
The eLearning Manifesto provides a solid foundation on which all eLearning content should be created.

If you’re wondering why your eLearning is not producing positive results – odds are you are not following the guiding principles in the Manifesto. 

Daniel Hunter
Ruffman Entertainment
I am a television and online video producer and new to the elearning world. My first task was to investigate current standards and what I found transported me twenty years into the past to the dawn of Power Point. The manifesto is clearly needed for learners, the end users, the audience, those that are here to be engaged by the content we design and create for them to improve their lives. Thank you for your dedication to a positive  elearning experience and creating a manifesto that puts elearning on a new path to a bright and exciting future.
Rick Zanotti
RELATE Corporation
This is an important project in helping to bring awareness and a set of values and principles to the often lackluster and boring world of eLearning…
Glen Hayhurst
Learning Partners
The Supporting Principles of the Manifesto both guide and challenge us to produce more engaging and effective elearning. We should constantly aim to apply the Principles to achieve increasingly higher quality elearning. 
Jos Arets
Today we focus so much on delivering  e-learning in an efficient, cost effective way. The focus is on learning, not on performance. Most of the e-learning is a look alike of classroom training. Deep change is necessary and focus on performance. So we need micro learning (use the standards of Ruth Clark to avoid cognitieve overload) and performance support and in addition social learning. So 70:20:10 with a performance perspective. 
Elizabeth Creger
eLearning & Performance Support Consultant
I endorse the principles detailed in this manifesto. I believe that, when implemented, these principles will lead to improved workforce engagement and performance.
Sherri Blyth
Society of Actuaries
I support the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Vlad Goodkovsky
I am glad to endorse the Manifesto and would like to contribute in fine-tuning its items 14 and 21.
Angel Green
Allen Interactions
I believe in the principles of the eLearning Manifesto. I have witnessed how implementation of these principles leads to performance change of employees in organizations.
Bes Stewart
I vow to hold the Serious eLearning Manifesto as the new standard for all eLearning modules produced by our eLearning team. We are committed to interactive, real life scenarios and simulations for improved performance on the job.  Now, the Manifesto will help us make our design and development more powerful in our workplace!

Thank you! 

Pam Robbins
I endorse the eLearning Manifesto.
David Amdur
Learning4Results, llc
It is tremendous that four great practitioners took time to formulate these principles and best practices! In addition, the list of Trustees is a "Who’s Who" of eLearning. This initiative will be a great boon to set standards of quality in our field!
JD Dillon
The Serious eLearning Manifesto says in writing what we’ve all been whispering to our industry peers for years: eLearning is broken! We’ve had the awareness, knowledge, and skills to fix it for some time, but this coordinated effort and the Manifesto’s principles will boost our desire to act through shared accountability and best practice.
David Schubert
I have longed to see some recognition of the sorry  state of current eLearning. Certainly there are shining examples of what it can be, but so many examples exist that illustrate how utterly woeful the norm has become. We can do better in meeting the promise that online technology presents us with.

The Principles associated with the eLearning Manifesto reflect what we need to start implementing if eLearning is to reach it’s potential.

Performance, not content; context, not generic; and consequences, not canned feedback are some of the principles we need to start incorporating as best we can within the constraints imposed in work and education.

I wholeheartedly endorse this effort for the sake of this profession.