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Manifesto Signatories 11/15/2019

Cynthia Bellomo
Seattle Genetics
I am excited and proud to support the Serious eLearning manifesto. I feel like it encompasses the core values and characteristics that I think about as I design content.
Jenny Wilson
Renaissance Learning
I endorse all points of the manifesto with enthusiasm.
Alex Vasselman
This is my official endorsement of this manifesto.
Keri Martinez
I fully endorse the eLearning Manifesto. Its principles are aligned with adult learning theory, learning science research, and plain ol’ common sense.
Brett Dillon
The Dillon Group, Inc
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Bill Crose
All this and I’ll acknowledge age brings both maturity and obsolescence by continuously improving and updating the eLearning until its content or delivery mode can no longer be made relevant, at which time I will retire the work in its final state.
Steve Vallelian
NeuroLab (Switzerland)
I personally, founder of my company, endorse and strive to follow the principle of the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Ron Johnson
I endorse the supporting principles of the Manifesto as a means to continually improve the quality of eLearning and enhance the value of learning through this medium.
Nicolò Piave
Formedia Consulting di NA Piave
Dichiaro di approvare i principi e i valori del Serious eLearning Manifesto e di rispettarne lo spirito nello svolgimento della mia professione. I declare to approve the principles and values ​​of the Serious eLearning Manifesto and to respect its spirit in carrying out my profession.
Salvatore Nascarella
I agree with the eLearning Manifesto and I endorse its values and principles
Chiara Bandelloni
I fully endorse the the values and principles of E-learning Manifesto. I will do my best to use and support them and to spread the word to those who are also willing to do so.
Roberto del Mastro
OC Open Consulting
I endorse the Manifesto and look forward to mantain an always high level of standards in every production I make with my team.

Manifesto Signatories 9/19/19

Rick Henderson
Black Ink Training
I endorse this e-learning manifesto. Rick Henderson
Rob Mancini
Roquette Canada
I endorse the manifesto.
Julie Yamamoto
NC State University
I hereby endorse the eLearning Manifesto. The values and principles detailed here are well-worth serious consideration for all elearning projects. I will do my best to use and support them and to spread the word to those who are also willing to do so. Many thanks to the authors, trustees and other signatories.
Renato de Laurentiis Gianni
I personally, founder and CEO of my company, endorse and strive to follow the tenets of the Serious eLearning Manifesto. I agree with the support principles of the eLearning Manifesto.
Tracy Maymo
English for Success
Yes, I endorse the Manifesto
Kevin Yeoman
FlightSafety International
I will strive to create eLearning that is performance focused, and meaningful to learners. I also pledge to create engagement driven eLearning that individualizes challenges using authentic content which drives realistic decision making with real-world consequences within the modules. I will also integrate spaced practice so that the learners have the ability to practice and retain the content that will be beneficial to their work or decision making.
Sherrise George
Sherriselee Instructional Design
I fully endorse this manifesto and I am passionate about creating good eLearning that benefits its learners. It is my goal to engage learners, and to develop meaningful, and performance-focused learning experiences.
Valerie Sunyak
I endorse and radically adhere to the Serious eLearning manifesto and all of its supporting principles.
Christine Johnson
WEX Health, Inc.
I fully endorse the Manifesto and its application in learner-centered experiences across all channels!

Manifesto Signatories 7/9/2019

Phill Bevan
I endorse the values and principles of this Manifesto and support Serious eLearning.
Dennis L. Thomas
IQStrategix, Inc.
I endorse the Serious elearning Manifesto and pledge, as an eLearning software vendor, to develop our technology, IQxCloud, to actualize a real-time n-dimensional Cloud-based LMS that proactively elevates management, employee, partner, and customer eLearning and eMentoring capabilities through a humanized, user-friendly, intellectually engaging, software product.

Manifesto Signatories 5/14/2019

Hansel Serrao
Practical Processes
I fully support the principles of the Manifesto and my aim will always be to develop meaningful, motivational and memorable learning that is outcome and performance focussed.
Effrossini Kountiou
MOU sa
I endorse and support the values and principles of the Manifesto. I will work to continually improve learning experience and design and provide learners with meaningful, engaging learning, adapted to their needs, so they will be able to respond to real workplace challenges.
Diane Coradlo
Coradlo Consulting
Bad eLearning is still around. We need the Serious eLearning Manifesto now more than ever. I endorse all principles and practices delineated in this manifesto. I thank the Instigators for their craftsmanship and expertise, and Signatories and Trustees for supporting and promoting the cause.
Peter Goldstein
I fully endorse the Manifesto!
Karthik Raghuraman
I endorse serious learning
Dianne Hope
The Knowledge Project
I endorse this manifesto and believe that to effectively engage learners we need to embrace modern learning standards, become digital learning role models and offer things worthy of engagement.
Claudio A Endara
Universidad Hosanna
Nosotros la Universidad Hosanna (unihosanna) y todos sus operadores logísticos reconocemos y firmamos el manifiesto de Serious elearning
Richard Cross
The world is constantly in search of panaceas, easy solutions to the myriad of complex problems we are presented with. Given that complexity is not going to disappear any time soon, as responsible providers of learning solutions, we should be committed to the avoidance of the risk of offering well-intentioned but wasteful panaceas. This is why the Serious eLearning Manifesto matters. It outlines for us some of the basic shortcuts, lazy practices, or over-promising approaches that masquerade as quality learning experiences. Buyers and providers alike will do well to read the manifesto, understand what it is saying and take it into account. At Senscia, we stand by the manifesto and commit to delivering it in everything we do for our clients and colleagues.
Anshuman Gautam
Bigtime Consulting
Endorsement of the Manifesto: The world today has more knowledge than ever before, but not everyone can benefit from it. Quality education is the foundation of sustainable development. I believe UNICEF’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG-4 – Quality Education) by 2030 can only be achieved by using serious eLearning manifesto. Being in this domain for two decades, I fully endorse this manifesto.
José Luis Alatorre
ExAp, S.A. C.V.
I fully pledge to pursue the ideals and objectives of the Serious eLearning Manifesto. Actively seeking to use them in the design and review of the learning experiences we participate.
Judy Albers
Intrepid by Vital Source
For too long, we’ve adjusted to the constraints placed on us by early eLearning technologies and outdated mindsets. It is possible to create online learning experiences that provide realistic practice, authentic context, and meaningful involvement. I’m committed to the full set of standards in this manifesto.

Manifesto Signatories 4/3/2019

Judy Albers
Intrepid by Vital Source
For too long, we’ve adjusted to the constraints placed on us by early eLearning technologies and outdated mindsets. It is possible to create online learning experiences that provide realistic practice, authentic context, and meaningful involvement. I’m committed to the full set of standards in this manifesto.
Louellan Brown
I endorse the values and principles of this Manifesto and support Serious eLearning.
Brett D Christensen
Workplace Performance Consulting
As a champion of performance improvement, I always start with the desired performance as the goal. The Manifesto serves as a constant reminder of what makes great e-Learning. I’m in!
Matthew Cinelli
Le Savoir Faire Learning
When everyone sees that workplace learning makes a direct contribution to the bottom line, our efforts will be taken seriously.
John Low
Fors Marsh Group
Technology has the potential to support learning and development like never before in history, but it isn’t an end in itself. The eLearning Manifesto calls out principles that underlie the process of learning, not just “e”. When incorporated into performance design and thoughtfully combined with supporting technologies, the promise and power of eLearning can be realized.
Gary DePaul
Gary DePaul Leadership Consulting
As of March 2019, I’m aware of one Fortune 50 company that has regressed in how they leverage eLearning. Today, organizations should dedicate substantial time studying the eLearning Manifesto and the twenty-two supporting principles and determine how they can apply these to strengthen their learning strategy and their eLearning program.
Joe McMorrow
Allen Interactions
This manifesto is one of my primary guideposts in my efforts to become a better Instructional Designer. Respect learners. No more boring e-learning!
Trey Leech
Iowa State University
With my signature, I fully support the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Scott Ward
ASG Group
I endorse and support the Manifesto
Che Prince
Corby Spirit & Wine Ltd.
Absolutely, 100%, will endorse the Manifesto and support Serious eLearning.
Junfei He
The Manifesto We believe that learning technology offers the possibility for creating uniquely valuable learning experiences. We also believe, with a sense of sadness and profound frustration, that most elearning fails to live up to its promise. We further believe that current trends evoke a future of only negligible improvement in elearning design—unless something radical is done to bend the curve. Finally, we have concluded that in order to elevate elearning to the height of its promise, we need to begin with a personal commitment to a new set of standards. Through continuous assessment of learner performance, the elearning experience can optimize use of the learner’s time, individualize the experience for full engagement, address needs, optimize practice, and prepare for transfer of learning to performance proficiency. Through our work in developing elearning experiences and helping others do the same, we believe that we need to go beyond typical elearning to the values and characteristics of Serious eLearning:

Manifesto Signatories 2/6/2019

Maxann Luchkowec
Air New Zealand
I endorse the Manifesto and support Serious eLearning.
Chantel Hutchins
Without a shadow of a doubt, learning isn’t happening unless these principles are in play. Our job is never finished unless each and every learner develops in an observable or measurable way after engaging in a learning program.
Timothy Gaughan
Yes, I endorse the eLearning Manifesto.
Dawn Crawford
I fully endorse the values and principles of this manifesto. My core values are aligned to the manifesto, The programmers that I develop have the manifesto’s values and principles as a foundation.

Manifesto Signatories 1/28/19

Simon Gosney
Dimensions UK Ltd
The supporting principles make me feel excited and optimistic about the potential of eLearning when used well. I will champion these principles in my practice and hold the eLearning we are responsible for in my organisation to these standards.
Kaleem Bhatti
Utterly on-point!

Manifesto Signatories 1/15/19

Lerissa Patrick
The UPS Store, Inc.
We’ve all been distracted by the entertainment value of e-learning, and we’ve left the learners in the dust as a result. If we aren’t focused on the learner experience, how can we call ourselves instructional designers?
Jason Watson
I am focused on creating learner-centered content that embodies the design guidelines and principles that are laid out here. I am focused on making these the floor of my lessons, incorporating them as is appropriate for each lesson I create and project I take on. With the goal of naturally adding them as I design without too much effort.

Manifesto Signatories 1/2/2019

Clei Wandeson Ferreia Santiago
I agree with the support principles of the eLearning Manifesto and we enthusiastically support e-learning. We commit to practice student-centered design, which motivates students to innovate with knowledge and to link safety and loss prevention to health, safety and environmental outcomes! where we have been operating for 20 years, with the same respect for our business!
Raquel Ladrón de Guevara
GP Strategies
As a learning and development passionate professional I´m committed to follow the principles of this manifesto because I think is a valid and valuable tool to make my practice even better.
Kirsten Brandt
We (RMMBR) create High end customized digital learning solutions. We… …Help organizations to get the best out of digital learning when training and developing human capital. …Design, create and deliver smart and sustainable learning solutions that enhance your organization’s performance: Solutions with impact. …Build learning solutions that truly work. Custom-made or using existing tooling. On any device, any screen, in any language. Always focus on creating concepts & content with the end user in mind. See for different cases that support this.

Manifesto Signatories 12/11/2018

Ben Lucero
Colorado Springs Utilities
I fully endorse the concepts and philosophies of the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Anderson Stuart Cubillos
Procalidad SA
Considero que el manifiesto correspondiente es el mas adecuado ya que se encargan de romper los esquemas de alguna forma en cuanto el aprendizaje lo mas valioso que puedo destacar es el hecho de que se encargan de ir a la practica directamente sin necesidad de que el alumno tenga que finalizar su formación para que dicha forma sus conocimientos sean totalmente fortalecidos de principio a fin. Considero que de igual forma lo que quieren es hacer personas mas auto suficientes con ciertas bases para que puedan alcanzar el éxito.