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Manifesto Signatories 3/26/2018

Ferenc Klötzl
Tudás-Média Ltd
I seriously support the e-learning manifesto. This is the guideline of all my e-learning development projects.

Manifesto Signatories 3/19/2018

Seth Ozen
Instructors Without Borders
I fully endorse the manifesto.
Kenneth Baucum
It is incredibly important to provide SERIOUS elearning to the adults in today’s modern workforce. No more childsplay and goofy clipart — bring on the modern learner!
Diane Valenti
Applied Performance Solutions, Inc.
It’s about time! Agree and endorse!

Manifesto Signatories 3/7/2018

Asim Ali
Auburn University
Agree and endorse

Manifesto Signatories 3/6/2018

Peter Chotin
I thoroughly endorse this manifesto!

Manifesto Signatories 3/2/2018

Paul DeHorn
Bank of the West
I’m am so excited by the characteristics of Serious eLearning and the Supporting Principles listed in the manifesto. This what our organization is working so hard to practice.

Manifesto Signatories 3/1/2018

Caitlin Gannon
North Idaho College
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto

Manifesto Signatories 1/16/2018

Caitlin Gannon
These principles put the learner and their outcomes back at the center of the process where they belong. I wholeheartedly endorse this manifesto.

Manifesto Signatories 2/5/2018

Daniel A Hill
DHill Consultants
I support all efforts to produce performance-based training, of all types!

Manifesto Signatories 1/25/2018

Zoe Elcock
I endorse the standards outlined in this manifesto
Chris Willis
eLearning Brothers
Let us all work together to elevate the effectiveness and value of eLearning for our customers and learners.
Emily Wood
USG Engineering Academy
I aspire to develop eLearning for the right reasons in the best way for the audience.
Mark A Grant
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto

Manifesto Signatories 1/16/2018

Esther Tattershall
Tattershall Design
I am excited to support this commitment to create and develop meaningful individual learning experiences.
Catriona Malcolm
Westpac Group
I endorse the serious elearning manifesto and will promote these principles in my work.