Manifesto Signatories 3/14/2014

Danny Engelman
Verdomd als het niet waar is!
Rusty Low
University of Nebraska
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto. By agreeing to develop elearning products aligned to these well researched and understood best practice with roots in brain based learning theory, the tremendous potential of elearning can be realized. 
Nate Horton
Connections Education
This is a wonderful start in creating and promoting quality instruction and valuable learning experiences for all learners.
Claudia Wood I endorse the eLearning manifesto.
Maria Simmons
I am committed to the 22 principles in the Serious eLearning Manifesto. I will  will use it as a way to improve and measure my own performance.
Cindi Celske
eLearning Rox
I’m excited to be a part of empowering the creation and use of serious eLearning! Let’s work at designing and developing eLearning that rocks!
John Curran
Designed for Learning
Let’s take e-learning to the next level.
Dr Nancy Harkrider
KDI Americas, LLC
I applaud this initiative and the thoughtful, courageous intent behind the manifesto.  The issues are critical enough that not to reflect on them and then take  action is counter-productive to every thing we say we believe in. The badge will be displayed proudly on our websites and will be a reminder that our organization is committed to walking the talk. Thank you for your leadership!
Bev Ferrell
Independent L-ISD
The manifesto is what every designer should or should have been considering at any time for any project,for all learning or training outcomes, or for those projects that do not require products but change management in their current processes.
Pam Robertson
Urban Systems
I fully support the Manifesto. Here! Here!
Suzanne Wagner
Rentokil North America
I endorse this manifesto.
Tom Reeves
The University of Georgia
Anything that can be done to move away from the deadly "click to see the next screen" mode of so much of what is labeled e-learning is worthwhile. I think this Serious eLearning Manifesto is a step in the right direction. It would be good to establish a set of exemplars for each of the Supporting Principles.
Jackie Dobrovolny
Triple Play
1. Totally agree that the state of elearning is often content focused, attendance driven and exemplifies the other six adjectives you list under typical elearning.

2. Totally agree that your serious elearning adjectives and the supporting principles should be our focal point and our quality control checklist.

3. These are my issues about the manifesto:

a. Generally, the term elearning can connote either self-paced instruction or synchronous, instructor-led webinars. I believe your manifesto applies to self-paced elearning and it would be helpful if you stated that. 

b. Recent research indicates that synchronous, instructor-led elearning is getting better. Notice that neither of these articles use the term elearning. Perhaps there is a terminology problem?

Means, B., Toyama, Y., Murphy, R., Bakia, M., & Jones, K. (2010). Evaluation of evidence-based practices in online learning: A meta-analysis and review of online learning studies.  Washington, D.C.:: Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development.

Zhao, Y., Lei, J., Yan, B., Lai, C., & Tan, H. S. (2005). What makes the difference? A practical analysis of research on the effectiveness of distance education. Teachers College Record, 107(8), 1836“1884.

c.There were several participants in the manifesto hangout who noted that the manifesto applied to learning, i.e., training.  I totally agree with that. I have heard hundreds of horror stories about the lack of respect many organizations have for instructional designers. Perhaps we have a credibility problem?

d.I suspect that most organizations operate on the theory it’s good enough. If a company can spend $1000 and get 80% effectiveness, perhaps that’s good enough. Perhaps their employees are motivated enough and smart enough to just figure out the other 20%.  Perhaps we need to come to terms with good enough?

e.Finally, while it is very difficult to measure the effectiveness of learning or elearning, we have to figure that out. We have to be able to clearly explain how our serious elearning will be worth paying for the other 20%.

James Handyside
Improvision Healthcare Inc. and St. Joseph’s Health Care
I believe in evidence guided learning, based on the best available knowledge. This manifesto provides vitally important guard rails on the path to realize remarkable improvement in the art and science of technology assisted learning and performance improvement.
Sarah Crawford I will strive to implement the principles set forth in this manifesto and also educate and advocate using these concepts to promote positive change in e-learning!
Jeanne Farrington
J. Farrington Consulting
Thank you for putting these principles together in one place and sharing them as broadly as possible. 
Amit Garg
Upside Learning
A great initiative to summarize years of research and make it usable by practitioners. 
Matthew Guyan The supporting principles of The Manifesto need to become the new normal in eLearning. It’s up to us to make it happen.
Derek Thomas
DGT Learning Solutions
I fully endorse and actively support the principles of the Serious eLearning Manifesto which has also been endorsed by leading international learning organisations and thought leaders. I am confident that the application of the manifesto will contribute to  continuing standards of excellence in serious eLearning.
Sjoerd de Vries
I endorse the manifesto and hereby promise to cooperate with our customers to create more engaging e-learning and commit to the standards for serious learning.
David Burden
Daden Limited
We highly endorse this manifesto. In our experience learners learn better and are far more engaged when they are offered the ability to learn within a realistic environment, doing realistic tasks and at times convenient to them, as well as in collaborative group sessions.
Matthew Mason
iDesign Training
I endorse the manifesto and it’s supporting principles, and look to promote the values and characteristics of Serious Elearning.
Beatrijs van de Griendt
Tribridge EMEA
Learning should facilitate the growth of each learner in the best possible way. To facilitate this process we should use the channel that fits both the individual learner and the learning outcome best.  Let’s talk about Learning in general and see in what way we can achieve the desired learning/business goals. 
Ellen Castrucci
Total Wine & More
I support all the principles of the manifesto and will do my best to reflect them in my elearning solutions.
Jaime Oyarzo Espinosa
Alcala University, Spain
Bravo, it’s a really good initiative!
Cheri Lockett Zubak
Work Write, Inc.
I passionately agree with the Serious eLearning Manifesto. Now let’s do something.
Ron L. Shamwell
collegefairmagazine (CFM)
CFM whole heartily endorses the eLearning manifesto for its insightful encouragement to meet present and future challenges, as well as being a stakeholder.The manifesto can be used by both academics and corporate individuals and groups to enhance eLearning goals, objectives, and practices.
Michael Gardner
Learning Professional
I endorse and support these principles.
Elaine Carr, CPLP
Digital Direct
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto
Bartłomie I endorse best quality e-learning and eLearning Manifesto!
Glenn Mundo
Sandstone Technology
As someone who will be responsible for the learning initiatives in one of the solutions group in my organization, I wholly endorse the principles bound in this manifesto.
Lesli Woodruff
Nuance Communications
Finally, a statement of the current challenges and a vision of the future of e-learning! I endorse the manifesto and embrace its tenets.
Hannah von Bank
Allen Interactions
I pledge to help create learning that benefits my learners.
Theophan Konstantinov
Melon Learning
I would like to commit to the manifesto in which I firmly believe. I will do all in my power to endorse the manifesto through my work, my words, my actions, and every other possible way.
Heather L. Porterfield I’m a proud signatory of the eLearning Manifesto!
Giant Eagle, Inc.
I wholeheartedly accept and willingly endorse this Serious eLearning Manifesto.
As an eLearning and Instructional Design professional, I accept my role and duty to adopt, apply, and elevate the 22 principles that have been documented herein. Furthermore I accept the responsibility to share this manifesto with my colleagues and organization to elevate our eLearning development efforts to create Learner Performance centric content.
Jeff Kortenbosch
Serious Learning. | AkzoNobel
A great initiative and a manifesto to live by. I’ll incorporate these wherever and whenever I can and use this a checklist with customers in my own company and internally at my job as Senior eLearning Specialist at AkzoNobel.
Steve Cunningham
Charleston Area Medical Center
I enthusiastically endorse this manifesto.