Manifesto Signatories 3/19/2014

Abigail Smith
I agree with all these standards and strive to abide by them in my work.
Raul Lozada
Learning Technologies
Great principles to follow! Serious eLearning Manifesto, yes!!!
Jann Iaco, CPLP
I support the Serious eLearning Manifesto. And thanks to the Instigators!
Angela Jimenez
Fidelity Investments
I endorse the Manifesto.
Angela Jimenez
Fidelity Investments
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Larry Espinosa
Philips healthcare, NA
After review this e-Learning manifesto, the 22 points highlights and embraces specific goals for meaningful, supportive principle’s that are often forgotten or simply unknown.
Mᵃ del Carmen Jiménez Gil
Suscribo todos los puntos contenidos en el manifiesto de eLearning.
Daniel Ronsholdt
Area9 Learning 
Performance focused elearning with long term impact – Imagine that! Great initiative!
Vico van den Eventuin
Army Netherlands
I endorse the principles of the eLearning Manifesto and will "spread the Manifesto" under my E-learning brothers and sisters.
Jerson Campos
Visual-e-Learning LLC
I endorse and support this Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Joseph Meeker
Health Care Service Corporation
I support serious eLearning and the new set of standards contained in the eLearning Manifesto. I will encourage others to do so as well.
Andy Petroski
Harrisburg University of Science & Technology
I support the serious elearning manifesto and will apply its tenets in performance improvement and behavior change efforts. 
Carol Barry, CPLP
Lockheed Martin
I endorse the principles of the Serious eLearning Manifesto. It fits in with my full commitment to focus on the learner when designing and developing learning media and materials.
Guila Muir
Guila Muir and Associates LLC
I wholeheartedly endorse this Manifesto’s values and guidelines. I hope e-learning designers actively use it, so that the rest of us (learners) actually get something out of e-learning. I love to learn and want to see gigantic improvements in the field!
Jonathan A. Flores
DaVita Inc.
I support & endorse this manifesto.
Tadej Stanic
From now on the Manifesto should be a checklist for every (e)learning intervention.
Agron S. Dida
It’s very good document. I am happy to endorse it.
Guy Boulet
Navy Learning Support Centre
I definitely endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto. As learning professionals, we must get rid of e-boring page turners and provide learners with meaningful learning experiences. 
Giuliana Ruiu
I fully endorse this Manifesto
Janet Childs
I fully endorse and support the Manifesto and will earnestly seek to implement it to its fullest in all future elearning I design and develop.
Giuliana Ruiu
I fully endorse this Manifesto
Michael Lowenthal
Zaxby’s Franchising, Inc.
I will use the manifesto as a guide to making decisions about how to help people perform better. 
Mᵃ Jesús García San Martín
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.

My learners and learners worldwide do deserve it.

Sherry Hansberry-Brown
Eugene Burger Management Corporation
The Manifesto places foundational concepts in an easy to remember format, with the most salient points highlighted. I believe #22 should be #1: Respect your learners. 
Krista Allen
I wholeheartedly endorse this manifesto, and it’s been needed for far too long. Learners aren’t passive knowledge receptacles; we’ve known this for years. It’s about time we eLearning professional acted upon it!
Anita Horsley
CALEX Learning Consultants, LLC
I love the concept behind the Serious eLearning Manifesto and endorse the vision.
Deanna Carrera
Microchip Technology Inc.
If you are tired of meaningless knowledge checks (matching, true false) that are forgotten instantly, the follow the principles in the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Ryan Simons
I endorse the concepts and ideas laid forth in said manifesto. 
I will continue to practice all these principles.
Kirby Crider
I promise to be serious about my eLearning and create "hard fun" for audiences.
Lou Russell
Russell Martin & Associates
It’s all about performance.  What can they do now that they couldn’t do then? 
Jillian Rimmer
Connections Education
I support the Serious eLearning Manifesto! 
John Boekenooen
University of Florida
All elearning courses should be developed with these principles in mind!
Megan Farrell
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto