Manifesto Signatories 3/17/2014

David Sullivan
Terrapin Media
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and the supporting principles.
Viviana Firbank
I endorse the principles of the eLearning Manifesto.
Pamela Gutman
I wholeheartedly endorse this manifesto for eLearning!
Thomas McGlew
ASM America
I Thomas McGlew of ASM America endorse and will uphold the eLearning Manifesto principles in all future eLearning development projects. I will also reach out to other developers to make them aware of the Manifesto and to urge their endrosements of these principles.
Paula Stout Burke
It is refreshing to see all of these values written in one, succinct place where we can view it as a goal and refer back to it as a standard to strive for going forward. Being in the corporate world will make the implementation frustrating; but, having reputable leaders in the industry behind these values gives me the confidence to push forward. 
Suzanne Deutsch, MA
DaVita, Inc.
This is a wonderful vision for eLearning and I endorse and commit to its philosophy.
Joe Brodnicki
Time is short, resopruces are small, and the need to imroveperfroamcne is too great not to fully leverage this (and every other leanring technologies).  In an age when we know so much, how can we perform so poorly?
Molly Murnane
I support Serious eLearning and the Serious eLearning Manifesto. Thank you for creating an opportunity for a strong community of professionals.
ilene b. gottesfeld EdD RN
Medical Simulation Corporation
I heartily endorse the Serious Learning Manifesto.
Bob Nutting
Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation
I am personally committed to a new set of standards and "raising the bar" for more effective eLearning. Let’s do this! I add my signature to this fine list. 
Anne M. Scott

This manifesto is drawn from solid principles in both instructional design and development. 
I can’t say enough about the need to keep a performance focus in our work — to keep it aligned with the business as well as relevant to the participant.

I also wholeheartedly agree that technology is not always the answer.  Where it can be leveraged, it’s fabulous — but to assume that every performance problem needs an eLearning solution is short sighted.

For all of the above, and so much more, I endorse this manifesto.

David Haskins
The focus on performance is the key
Judy Albers
Intrepid Learning
It’s time we deliver learning the way humans actually learn. Combining our expertise with what the best marketers, web designers, and brain researchers know, let’s commit to creating learning experiences people want, because they’re relevant and fun and they work.
Sherry Nolan Larson
Learning IDeologies
I agree with the guiding principles of this effort.We need to get back to the basics of good learning design so eLearning can be a powerful tool in the Learning Solutions toolkit.
Jenny Hill
I endorse the serious eLearning Manifesto.
James Yount III
United States Air Force
I not only endorse this manifesto, I am going to spread the gospel until people start listening!
Benjamin Carmel
Education Northwest
Enough click and play. No more sequential text on screen. E-learning order-takers no more. Performance-, learner- and practice-centric e-learning should be our constant ambition. A manifesto was exactly what we needed. Thank you!
Doug Murray
I support the manifesto and the move to more learner focused learning.
Tony Moore
Moore Performance Improvement, Inc.
I endorse the principles listed in Serious eLearning Manifesto. Training that conforms to these principles will efficiently and significantly improve employee performance.
Oleg Lungu
Great principles and values, I fully support this vision.
Ron Ryan
The Manifest is a succinct description of eLearning that few have strived for but hopefully will become a gold standard for the future.
Brian Steeves

Just because we know all of the words doesn’t mean that we have to use all of them.

Why do I want to learn this?
Why do I need to learn this?
What is the benefit to me?
Will you use both language and words I can understand?
Should there be: Conflict, crisis and resolution?
Where is the passion to learn?
Where is the passion to teach?
What is the Value Proposition?
Will you listen to me in my words and my language? I don’t know yours….yet.

I endorse these principles and believe that you are trying to respect what you intend to teach and to whom it will be taught.

Phil Mayor
Elearning Laboratory
I fully support the Principles of this manifesto.  I will advocate the use of these principles to my clients when developing solutions for them.
Bruce Graham
Perfect Performance Training Ltd.
I completely endorse the aims of this manifesto. In order to maximise the effectiveness of the principles and the acceptance of them in corporate eLearning, it is VITAL that we escape from our "learning-focused" world, and continue (start?) to explain these principles to business decision-makers, and HR people. If performance-related training is not seen as important, nothing will change. We need to show people that learning, "e" or otherwise has moved on. Too often we try, and yet are just told to make electronic PowerPoint.
Tim Boileau PhD
Indiana State University
It’s time to get serious about eLearning by taking what we know about learning theory and and what we have learned from 25 years of the World Wide Web, to deliver meaningful learning experiences that are authentic, relevant, and sustaining.
Taylor Wright
Drug-Free Business Solutions, Adept Learning
I agree with the Manifesto and will incorporate its principles in the eLearning we develop.
Juan Antonio Ortiz Caturani
eLearning Consultant
I fully endorse & support the principles of the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Jay Cross
Internet Time Alliance
I support the Manifesto but would like to expand it beyond eLearning to all organizational learning. I hope the Manifesto gains traction and starts changing behavior. It’s about time!
Beth McGoldrick
We should all strive for this with every learning project that comes to us.
Stephen Roberts
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto
Rob Foshay
The Foshay Group
I heartily endorse this manifesto!
At the very time when eLearning is becoming nearly universal, all too commonly it reflects the worst practices in teaching and learning, rather than the best.  We all must work to make best practices the professional standard in eLearning. 
Anne Bartlett-Bragg
Ripple Effect Group Asia Pacific
Bringing eLearning back to the learners 😉
Jim Hicks
The Profession Cube
I endorse the eLearning Manifesto with great excitement. The Manifesto is the best summary of learning principles applied to real-world approach that I have read in some time. I promise to continue to apply these principles to each learning engagement in which I have the privilege to be involved.
Lisa Reinbold
Isn’t our purpose as learning professionals, to provideo the best learning opportunities and tools to our audience/learners? I support this
Manifesto for not only elearning but all learning. Also part of supporting this manifesto is continued education of  our stakeholders on its importance and investment.
Tomas Pødenphant Lund
No more boring elearning! Follow these research based principles, and get happier, smarter, and better performing learners.
Owen Holt
I am already trying to live by the 22 supporting points. This is an easy manifesto to get on board with.
Claire Schneeberger
Monarch Media, Inc.
Thanks for your leadership in this important area. I endorse your statement and in taking actions in my work to support it!
Irene Doo
Pearson Education
Having read Michael Allen’s books and seen the e-learning courses demonstrated on his website, and being a new "disciple" of Julie Dirksen’s, I fully endorse the principles in the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Here’s to endorsing the eLearning manifesto and creating quality learning experiences!
Brij Sethi
I want to give it my best shot!
Jon Revelos
ExecOnline / Knowledge Narratives
As a member of the ID Community since before "eLearning" (was known as CBT), I recall how excited I was early in my career about the potential and opportunity for improved learning that was on the horizon, only to see much of that potential stall or be squandered.  So much of today’s eLearning is simply putting stage plays on television – putting ILT online without much reflection on the new options the technology provides in service of how people learn best. This Manifesto has been a long time coming and I applaud its backers for formalizing the semi-disorganized voices from the far corners of the ID world.
Bonnie Anderson
Harvard School of Public Health
The eLearning Manifesto represents all that is good and right in online teaching and learning. Whether in the K-12, higher education, or professional training context, online learning experiences should reflect high-quality, student-centered, outcomes-focused, data-driven design strategies; the Manifesto demonstrates one’s commitment to this understanding.
Betty Hornor
I wholeheartedly endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and will actively promote its adoption by my colleagues.
Liz Cichowski
The Friedman Group
There is so much eLearning out there that focuses on the latest trend or new technology rather than on improving performance and meeting goals while engaging learners. I am delighted to see that a group of people is formally recognizing this and has decided to DO something about it!
Chris Young
DeepMile Networks, LLC
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and argue that there’s no reason this shouldn’t be just the "Serious Learning Manifesto."
Tracey Stokely
Cincom Systems, Inc.
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto. These are the principles we should all strive to live by when designing and developing eLearning. Congratualations to Julie Dirksen, Michael Allen, Clark Quinn, and Will Thalheimer for your work on this project.
Becky Harris
Media Workshop Inc.
Learning should be about the learner. I will advocate for serious eLearning solutions that enable high performance and provide meaningful, relevant experiences – whether delivered through eLearning or another vehicle.