Manifesto Signatories 3/13/2014

Endorsements submitted on March 13, 2014

Muriel Flanagan I wholeheartedly agree with, and endorse this manifesto.  This is what is needed to turn the eLearning industry around and on it’s head, so that eLearning can be meaningful and appropriate to meet the needs of users and their educational requirements.
Debbie Smith
Delta Career Ed
Don Bolen
dBolen & Associates, Inc
This manifesto aligns with the 2001 Agile Manifesto that stoves to find a better way to develop software. Makes sense to leverage for better eLearning. 
Kasper Spiro
Yes, right on the money! I wished I came up with this maifesto. eLearning should change and live up to it’s promise. It should be learner oriented, performance base (behaviour change), it should attracht and motivate people, personalized en much more. I fully endorse this Manifesto
Steve Lee
Allen Interactions
This Manifesto finally puts what the eLearning professional strives for into a concise format that can be used as a daily commitment to quality.
Warren F. Prince
Institute of Nuclear Power Operations
I endorse and strongly agree with the principals in the eLearning Manifesto.
Marie DesJardin
Verint Systems
We need flexible, targeted learning to help our learners succeed. 
Scott Nipper
Barco, Inc
I endorse this Manifesto and pledge to implement it to the best of my ability
brian wrest
The Performance Improvement Company, LLC.
I Brian Wrest do swear to apply these principles in all performance improvement efforts be it in eLearning, instructor led training, or performance support.
Ken Andrus
Michigan Blood
I whole heartedly agree with this manifesto for eLearning.
Matthew Nehrling
Verizon Wireless/
It is important that each of us, in our own organizations as well as our own personal commitment, strive to improve our industry and set higher standards. The Manifesto is a step towards this goal.
John H. Griffin
Great ideas here. I am so glad to see this.  
Tracy Parish
What really speaks to me are the principles that have been outlined. There are many ideals here that I have tried to live up to, then there are those I want to live up to, and a few that I haven’t yet thought of to explore. In a time when budgets often are the first thing that matter in organizations, it’s more and more important to prove and show your worth and value to an organization.  Implementing these principles into each of the solutions that we create for our organizations will and can only solidify our true value.
Bryan L Austin
Game On! Learning
Thanks to the thinking and vision of these 4 industry leaders.  What you see if what we’ve seen, for years.

As an L&D industry, we have got to get our GAME ON or we will cease to be relevant to the businesses we serve.

Chris Sullivan
I believe in Serious eLearning!
Alan Montague, CPLP
IMPROVing Organizations
The work we do in helping people learn is ‘sacred’ work. If we just create content heavy, learning poor courses we fail in our responsibility.
Linda Mahnken
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Jackie Van Nice
I endorse the manifesto and think it reflects the same principles that Michael Allen has been supporting, promoting, and teaching for years. Well done. 
Kevin Mulvihill
The manifesto is based on solid, empirical evidence that supports what we should be doing when we build our e-learning.
Cindy Pandke
St Joseph’s Health Care London
We are exited about bringing this tool to our development of our eLearning modules.  It’s time to create learning that will help people do better and to BE BETTER.  Realistic case scenarios, allowing people to work through challenges, provide options and then have realistic consequences to those choices.  Our learners are adults, they have some level of ‘smarts’, lets work with those ‘smarts’.
Catherine Gentle
Excited to be a part of the mission and commitment to deliver serious and effective eLearning to the masses!
Richard Karel
I hereby endorse the serious elearning manifesto in my own work as an instructional developer.
Jay Holobach
Macro 2 Micro Solutions, LLC
It’s not about training – it’s about performance. I agree with the manifesto.
Ron Izzo
New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority
I endorse this Manifesto. I believe establishing the need is first and foremost not just to meet mission goals and objectives but also in convincing the learner that the material is without a doubt relevant and critical for them to accomplish.
Viv Cole
Viv Cole Associates Ltd
People know what lawyers and accountants do and how to buy from them as providers of professional services. e-learning is a younger and far more misunderstood industry. The manifesto codifies what good practice looks like and I hope that we can build from this to giving learners great experiences that shift organisational performance.
Rick Shor
The Mosaic Company
I hope that the adoption of the manifesto will help realize the promise of eLearning as it was perceived originally by its earliest visionaries.
Melody Giacomino
Digitec Interactive
Transform Learning Change Lives
Dan Thatcher
This represents the key to effective learning experiences of any kind. I agree to do my best to never take shortcuts that will ignore these principles.
Dr. Fola Ajisafe
I endorse the manifesto in its entirety.
Brett Dillon
IBS Advisors, LLC
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and the supporting principles.
Mary Gutwein
Humana National Education
I commit to developing eLearning that falls in line with the Serious eLearning Manifesto. I also commit to encouraging others on my immediate team and in my organization to commit to these principles.
claire lavin
learning seat
I endorse the principles of the manifesto and commit to using them in elearning development.
Shabnam Kaderi
T-Mobile US – CS Learning & Development
My Customer Service Enterprise Strategy L&D team has been talking about these topics on our own this year as we develop our roadmap for improving our processes.  We had arrived at many of these same key principles and already committed to aligning with these ideas.  
Christy P Novack
Being new to the field, this ties in with what I have been learning in grad school. 
Paul Lush
Lush Consulting International
I support the initiative of the eLearning Manifesto!
Rebecca Olien
Independent Instructional Designer
I endorse the principles of the eLearning Manifesto and believe the importance of using these principles to ensure eLearning meets the amazing potential available for real learning to solve real problems. 
Fred Sheahan
C.H. Robinson
I agree with the principles of eLearning Manifesto. I will strive to apply these principles to my work and to advocate them within my organization. 
Tricia Ransom
I endorse the manifesto and think I’ll edit it a tad…I always want to respect the learners first. 
JC Kinnamon
Practising Law Institute
I heartily endorse the principles of the serious eLearning Manifesto.

Wendy Myers
Cobalt Productivity Solutions
This sums and organizes how to approach eLearning.  I endorse it.
Walter Ratcliff
Ratcliff Consultants
Bravo!  Finally an ‘agile manifesto’ for the eLearning community.  These principles will help all of us focus on performance rather than design ephemera…and stay relevant. 

I wholeheartedly endorse all the principles.  

Nancy Hyde
Hyde Performance Solutions
I endorse the manifesto.
Michael Laudone
These principles and guidelines are helpful to not only remind eLearning designers and developers of the important aspects of creating effective eLearning. It also helps us by providing support when we need to explain our new designs to clients. 
Mary Vivit
I endorse the ideas and goals of the Serious eLearning Manifesto and will work towards those goals and ideals in my eLearning projects.
Terri Carter, RN, CNN
DaVita, Inc
I endorse this manifesto as a positive approach and direction of developing and delivering elearning.
Greg Mellang
Minnesota Department of Health
Making eLearning engaging and rich with content and practical application to the learner is key.  The manifesto will make accountable to deliver great eLearning.
Adam Larson
This is a great way to shake up the ranks
Julie Rodgers
ESCO Corporation
I agree with these values and will do my best to follow these principles.
Ian D Minderman
The eLearning Manifesto represents a step forward for the field of eLearning.  It accurately reflects the vision we, as eLearning developers,   need to adopt in order to move away from ineffective practice and towards the realization of eLearning’s full potential.
Terri Cheney
Connect! Learning Design
Exquisitely concise and pragmatic! Implementing even a fraction of the ideas in the Manifesto will make a dramatic difference in the kind of eLearning coming into the world.
Doreen Ruffe
I endorse and will implement the principles of the manifesto in my work.
Jan Gray
eLearning Diner
I heartily endorse this manifesto. It supports the research that is available and the 22 guiding principles will definitely lead us as practitioners to develop higher quality learning events.
Julie Jordan
Performance Solutions
I endorse
Rachel Cervin Kubel
Devereux Foundation
I wholeheartedly agree with this manifesto!
Mathias Vermeulen
Winston Wolfe
I, Mathias Vermeulen, do solemnly swear that I will execute the eLearning Manifesto to the best of my ability!
Jennifer Zapp
Zapp Interactive
There is way too much boring elearning. There is so much capability to make exciting and meaningful learning. It is critical for our industry to push for meaningful learning activities, improved tools for creating serious learning and provide learning opportunities for developers of elearning to improve the instructional design that backs up awesome elearning.
Michael Hernandez
Performance is the key and doing is performance.  The reality is that people generally need to learn in order to do, but they also learn best by doing.  I endorse the manifesto as a crucial approach for e-learning to contribute effectively to performance.  Maybe we should call it e-doing…

Dan Keckan
Cinecraft Productions
I’ve been frustrated with bad eLearning for years.  If clients, stakeholders and subject matter experts agree to follow our lead and accept these principles we can finally improve performance.  Furthermore, my hope is that the authoring tools we use adopt these principles in the development of their software.
Valary Oleinik
Glad I got a chance to see the big kickoff (hangout) on the manifesto. Already live tweeted (@valarywithawhy)the event and ready to help spread the excitement I felt people had about making things better.
John Morley
Original Vision
Put the talk into action. Get past operating the technology to focus on using the media to create meaningful experiences for the audience.
Mag Ruffman
Ruffman Entertainment
I’m a TV producer new to the eLearning industry and every single point you’ve made is exactly what we’ve been saying to our clients.  It’s fantastic to see these values backed up by industry heavyweights who have done the background research to prove their points. The eLearning industry SO needs to be disrupted because so many content suppliers seem to have an attitude that says, "Hey, I know the courses we’re building are based on tech levels from the 70s but that’s what the buyers want.  And we’re making pretty good dough, so ix-nay."  Really? Thank you so much for calling out the complacency in the eLearning industry. Long live the Manifesto. 
Grant Rykken
I endorse The Manifesto. It outlines the way we need to create elearning in order to be as effective as possible.
Brian Valentine
UW Medicine
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Nicholas Sargent
BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
I resonate with most, if not all, of these principles. And I will try to implement more of them as opportunities arise and my skill level and awareness increases.
D Kelly
The principles seem sound.
Debbie Wooldridge
ttcInnovations is committed to begin implementing the 23 principles as a part of our quality review process of all elearning materials created by our company for our clients.
Richard Shadrin
Wonderful Brain LLC
Superior effort, long overdue especially recognizing elearning has lost its way. I believe the ease of tools like Articulate have found a home in the executive suite as an inexpensive, just good enough nod at educating.

By standing forth with a set of principles there is now a set of ‘soft metrics’ against which serious corporate educators can use to benchmark courseware. And the likelihood that these principles will indeed lead to better performances when executed by innovators and early adopters will, hopefully convince the untutored that there is a solid methodology to excellence.

Rick Blunt
Blunt Learning Services
We need a way to unite as an industry to influence the adoption of the manifesto. We must do, not talk. We must transform thinking, habits, expectations, production, and behavior in line with the manifesto. We must, somehow, get decision makers and learner "see the light" so we can live the manifesto. Reminds me of the Cluetrain Manifesto. Google it.
Josh Cavalier
The eLearning Manifesto provides a solid foundation on which all eLearning content should be created.

If you’re wondering why your eLearning is not producing positive results – odds are you are not following the guiding principles in the Manifesto. 

Daniel Hunter
Ruffman Entertainment
I am a television and online video producer and new to the elearning world. My first task was to investigate current standards and what I found transported me twenty years into the past to the dawn of Power Point. The manifesto is clearly needed for learners, the end users, the audience, those that are here to be engaged by the content we design and create for them to improve their lives. Thank you for your dedication to a positive  elearning experience and creating a manifesto that puts elearning on a new path to a bright and exciting future.
Rick Zanotti
RELATE Corporation
This is an important project in helping to bring awareness and a set of values and principles to the often lackluster and boring world of eLearning…
Glen Hayhurst
Learning Partners
The Supporting Principles of the Manifesto both guide and challenge us to produce more engaging and effective elearning. We should constantly aim to apply the Principles to achieve increasingly higher quality elearning. 
Jos Arets
Today we focus so much on delivering  e-learning in an efficient, cost effective way. The focus is on learning, not on performance. Most of the e-learning is a look alike of classroom training. Deep change is necessary and focus on performance. So we need micro learning (use the standards of Ruth Clark to avoid cognitieve overload) and performance support and in addition social learning. So 70:20:10 with a performance perspective. 
Elizabeth Creger
eLearning & Performance Support Consultant
I endorse the principles detailed in this manifesto. I believe that, when implemented, these principles will lead to improved workforce engagement and performance.
Sherri Blyth
Society of Actuaries
I support the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Vlad Goodkovsky
I am glad to endorse the Manifesto and would like to contribute in fine-tuning its items 14 and 21.
Angel Green
Allen Interactions
I believe in the principles of the eLearning Manifesto. I have witnessed how implementation of these principles leads to performance change of employees in organizations.
Bes Stewart
I vow to hold the Serious eLearning Manifesto as the new standard for all eLearning modules produced by our eLearning team. We are committed to interactive, real life scenarios and simulations for improved performance on the job.  Now, the Manifesto will help us make our design and development more powerful in our workplace!

Thank you! 

Pam Robbins
I endorse the eLearning Manifesto.
David Amdur
Learning4Results, llc
It is tremendous that four great practitioners took time to formulate these principles and best practices! In addition, the list of Trustees is a "Who’s Who" of eLearning. This initiative will be a great boon to set standards of quality in our field!
JD Dillon
The Serious eLearning Manifesto says in writing what we’ve all been whispering to our industry peers for years: eLearning is broken! We’ve had the awareness, knowledge, and skills to fix it for some time, but this coordinated effort and the Manifesto’s principles will boost our desire to act through shared accountability and best practice.
David Schubert
I have longed to see some recognition of the sorry  state of current eLearning. Certainly there are shining examples of what it can be, but so many examples exist that illustrate how utterly woeful the norm has become. We can do better in meeting the promise that online technology presents us with.

The Principles associated with the eLearning Manifesto reflect what we need to start implementing if eLearning is to reach it’s potential.

Performance, not content; context, not generic; and consequences, not canned feedback are some of the principles we need to start incorporating as best we can within the constraints imposed in work and education.

I wholeheartedly endorse this effort for the sake of this profession.