Manifesto Signatories March 22-31, 2014

Kerron Ramganesh
Independent Training Consultant
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and its vision.
John Newell
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto. I have been researching the 2 Sigma Problem set by Bloom in 1984,namely, "Can researchers and teachers devise teaching-learning conditions that will enable the majority of students under group instruction to attain levels of achievement that can at
present be reached only under good tutoring conditions. I have re-framed the problems as "can the perceived relationship between cost and quality be broken and provide and educational ecosystem that that equips students to meet the challenges of the 21st century and to lead flourishing lives’
Krista Luik
Independent Consultant
How could one not endorse these principles?

Thank you to the "Instigators" for putting this out there and to Reuben Tozman for bringing it to my attention. 

Raymond Kung
Learning intervention is not always the right solution, but when it is let’s get serious about it.  Bravo!
I endorese these principles and will do my utmost to uphold them.
David Nielson
NOV IntelliServ
I believe wholly in these principles and commit to strive daily to implement them in the training I produce.
Bradley Pierce
That Learning Guy
As a new Training Specialist/ID’er/Course Developer this manifesto will help me build on my core value of creating engagement driven training. I am excited to build great eLearning courses keeping the manifesto beside me the entire time. Thanks to the creators of this. The world of learning will be a much better place!
Dianne Rees
Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute
I endorse the manifesto!
Chris Karelse
DECX development consultancy & training
I endorse this Manifesto. 
Manish Gupta

I fully endorse the manifesto.

Let’s together deliver the promise that elearning always made! 

Michael Cottam
Portmont College at Mount St. Mary’s
The Serious eLearning Manifesto is a succinct list of what matters in learning. We could all improve our practice by practicing these principles.
Kelly Duran
I fully endorse this manifesto, it’s purpose, principles, and theory. 
Roman Ferrer
Kaplan Higher Education Group
I believe that the principles in the manifesto will guide me to better elearning designs and better learner experiences. I gladly join the elearning community in this effort. 
Ganesh Ubhare
Cirrus E-Learnng
This is really serious manifesto. I like it. I will follow it. I endorse it.
Felicity Pearson
This manifesto reflects my professional values not only regarding eLearning, but also learning and educating in general. The manifesto speaks to respect for the learner – something that should be foundational to any attempt to teach, educate, or train another person.
Tim Brobst
W.W. Grainger, Inc.
I endorse the Manifesto and specifically commit to my focus on targeting improved performance.
Sergey Snegirev
I support the Manifesto. We are already doing our part in moving away from the linear, slide-based information dump. Join the cause!
Garth A. Yorko, T.E.
W. W. Grainger, Inc.
I endorse the Manifesto becuase life is too short to build bad learning.
Shashi Gowda
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
I highly endorse this approach to serious elearning. We cannot move without it.
Mitchell Liswith
this Manifesto is just plain common sense and if followed makes our training product more valuable to the learner!
Tiffany M. Rapplean
Percipient Creations
I wholeheartedly support the Serious eLearning Manifesto and am delighted to see others embracing these common sense — yet very exciting — principles! The Manifesto reaffirms my belief in and passion for learning. 
Manju SN
I endorse this manifesto and  pledge to implement it to the best of my ability. It is high time we create meaningful eLearning and retain the positive regard for elearning solutions.
Kapil Gupta
We need real training solutions which can bring out actual change. Pseudo learning is spoiling the eLearning’s name. I second this manifesto.


Luke Kempski
As a company that provides learning solutions strategy and planning, content development and technology delivery services to leading organizations, JPL is proud to endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto. We have already begun to use it to educate clients and extended team members. We encourage widespread support and adoption.
Joel Copeland
KMI Learning
We heartily endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and will continue to do our best in conforming to it.
Jamie Bound
I fully endorse this manifesto.  As a creator of e-learning material for my current employer I promise to make serious e-learning modules that are meaningful to learners by individualizing each experience.  I will make sure that my modules engage the learner, address their needs and prepare them for performance proficiency.  
Joe Dunlap
I endorse the new standards and principles.  
Kevin Wilcoxon
I fully endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and seek to apply its principles in every learning project I undertake.
Kevin Cassel
Red Nucleus
I applaud the Manifesto’s focus on performance; the emphasis on practice, feedback, and meaningful interactivity; and the refreshing reminder to challenge our (and our clients’) assumptions and start with the right questions: What problem are we trying to solve? And what’s the best way to solve it?
Christine Chamberlain
I endorse this message. Thank you for this fantastic educational tool, and commitment to performance-driven eLearning.
Will Hampton
Will Consulting
Here’s hoping we see some elearning examples of manifesto-approved courses. I would rather quit my job than develop another page turner. 
Arthur Bigotti
Bigotti Ideas
Love the focus on what we know to be the source of real eLearning success.
Suzanne Crane
I want to cry most of the time when I take elearning courses that were clearly developed with the ease of design in mind rather than learner needs or objectives, when I don’t get to practice what I’ve learned, or have more than one way to get to the necessary information.  I commit to solving these and other related problems in my own design and development. 
Lori Thompson-Zittnan
Cricket Wireless – AT & T Mobility
I agree with the Serious eLearning Manifesto.  I also commend all organizations that support the design and delivery of this caliber of learning through the provision of adequate resources and executive leadership support.
Bruce Levi
Brand Learning
I personally and professionally fully support the principles and aspirations of the Manifesto & this group. I also believe that these principles largely apply to all learning.I think the first supporting principle is perhaps the most important of all. Do not assume that learning is the answer to improved performance.
Geoff Barrow
Gillespie Associates
This is a long overdue commitment to making eLearning live up to its potential.
Robert Penn
I whole heartedly endorse the manifesto and am committed to following its principles. I will do my best to spread adoption of these principles in my organization, in client organizations and in elearning the community at large.   
Sandra Hanna
Bomgar Software
To create any eLearning requires significant design, development and a deep understanding of your audience. I completely support this eLearning Manifesto and will do my utmost to ensure our eLearning and the non-profit foundations eLearning that I support meet these standards.
Michael Morrison
I endorse the manifesto!
Elena Clark
These are sound principles for all types of learning. 
Erica Inge
I endorse the ideas of the manifesto and will do my best to uphold the principles as I go about my practice.
The Entire Axonify Team
This manifesto outlines where the future of eLearning must go. Any organization that is considering driving true change and improvement with eLearning, should consider using this manifesto to guide strategic decision making.
Robert Hutton
Barnsley College
Great content 100% agree
Diana Logan
I endorse the manifesto, aim to put it into practice, and share its goals with others.
Thandeka Mlala
Puma Energy International
I fully endorse it.
Larry Edelman
University of Colorado
I wholeheartedly endorse the manifesto.
Matt Kurtin
Innovative Learning Group
I believe that following the principles of the Serious eLearning Manifesto will lead to better experiences for learners, and a stronger eLearning industry.
Jay Harless
I find the manifesto helpful in that it provides a common set of expectations for a learning product. In other words, "click-next" ain’t the solution to your problem. This is important for learning professionals, but even more important for our customers and clients. We need to educate them on our professional standards. If we are going to create a learning product (last resort if no other intervention will solve the problem) that learning product better be meaningful.

I almost see this as an ethical standard – that’s probably too strong of a statement – but how much damage are we doing when we participate in creating "click-next" CBTs? I think it’s up to us as learning professionals to hold the line. I know we are often pushed to get something up, but we need to at least be willing to let our customers and clients know that what they are asking is not in accordance with industry standards. And, for those of us in leadership positions (I’m pointing at myself) we need to have the courage to push back. 

Colin Simpson
Canberra Institute of Technology
I support the ideas of the Serious eLearning Manifesto and will share them with my colleagues. 
Martin Brown
Learning Makers Pty Ltd
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto. I pledge to influence, encourage and convince our clients to shift their expectations from the "typical"  to the "serious".
Myrene Magabo
University of Phoenix
The most valuable aspect of the manifesto as far as I am concerned is the relevance, the timeliness, and effectiveness of e-learning materials. If we must enable learning, we must provide tools and technology that enable learners to learn if the most relevant, less time consuming, and effective way!
April Haynes
Altria Client Services, Inc.
I heartily, and with great joy, endorse all of the manifesto.