Manifesto Signatories 3/21/2014

Linda M Davis
Davis eLearning Solutions, Inc.
In trying to excel at my eLearning career, I have followed Richey et al’s "The Standards" (2001) and ibstpi’s various competencies as they applied to various projects. I have had to focus my formal education on instructional design because (in my experience) it is rarely taken into consideration for corporate eLearning efforts. After all, isn’t eLearning simply converting SME-developed classroom training to an online format verbatim? Ha! I am thrilled that The Serious eLearning Manifesto takes our profession (and the text-to-next conundrum) to a new level! It says we no longer focus purely on what we must do to produce/deliver eLearning for a client, but what we must also do enrich the learner’s outcome(s). That the manifesto is based on research, as well as an overall sense of what is currently lacking in the industry, has me enthusiastically embracing this new approach to my work. Until now, we were either a courseware developer or an instructional designer. The concepts in the manifesto bring these disciplines closer together and in a manner that can be compellingly presented to corporate leadership. Thank you for articulating the things we have known needed a fresh perspective!
Stephanie Daul
WW Grainger
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.  I will use these principles in the design of learning solutions because learner deserve the best. 
Ken Moir
Reed Smith LLP
*Thank you* for this concise and compelling statement of what’s wrong with so much eLearning today, and for spelling out the concrete steps we can all take to salvage a promising talent-cultivation channel from neglect and ignominy.  Much appreciated!
Izabela Mieszkowska
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Paul Robbins
US Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma
As a private individual, I endorse the principles of the manifesto to support "serious e-learning.
Larry Raynor
I fully endorse this Manifesto.  I believe it applies equally to all learning design
Monze Ontiveros
PwC Mexico
I promise to keep the manifesto values in my mind when I develop e-learning, or any kind of learning. And to always keep the student in first place.
Javier Cuitlahuac
PwC Mexico
improve the proposal and will improve the learning objectives
Cassandra Comer
I fully endorse and am committed to the tenets advocated in the eLearning Manifesto.Performance-centered learning experiences should be the benchmark not the outlier in instructional development.  
John Scuras
The Forum Corporation
This is a great list of key attributes of productive and efficient e-Learning.  These ideas, assembled in one locatin, helped me to focus on the key areas that will drive the high value and sustainable change using e-Learning.  thank you Serious eLearning team!
Judy Powills
Society of Actuaries
I wholeheartedly support the Manifesto and the supporting principles.  I am impressed with the commitment and passion expressed by Clark, Julie, Michael and Will.  I look forward to this adventure to keep us fresh and to go beyond just doing what we do well better.  
Robert Addis
University of Arkansas
I am a first year instructor for HRD programming and ID/Technology. The strongest piece of this for me is design process vs. design principles. It is what I subscribe to and want to teach my students. I want them to be able to fill in a process allowing adaptability to one’s project or work environment, but still deliver a constant solution. Also, I think the principles are useful beyond eLearning.

Thank you for putting into a framework for me to delivery to my very eager students.

Martha Pings
Using tech for people-humans, not people-robots.
Stefan Holhut
I’d like to sign, cause I really like to force workrelated learning with a focus on value not on getting a certificate. Action Learning is my approach to realize this.
Ray Jimenez
Vignettes Learning
The Manifesto is a call to action, a challenge and an inspiration for many of us to wake-up and focus our energies in influencing in our own small or big ways to create learner focused elearning. Thanks to the leaders and pioneers. This is a bold and significant step.