Manifesto Signatories 4/22/2014

David Barton
National Park Service
Distance Learning Center
Leslie Hardgrove
This eLearning Manifesto is common sense and should be used as guidance when creating your eLearning solutions.
Jeff Cartwright
I absolutely endorse the eLearning Manifesto! Individualized Challenges vs. One Size Fits All is definitely the way to customize the instruction to the ‘experience quotiant’ of the learner. 
Michael Hotrum
Hotrum Learning
As a twenty year veteran of the training and learning industry I fully support the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Atul Padalkar
Dr Padalkar’s Research Resources
I do.
Tanya Frederickson
Quay Group
The future is eLearning.
The more interesting and interactive we, as developers, can make this learning experience, the more our future generations will be exposed to see the world through different eyes and be motivated and excited to learn. eLearning has that power; lets get Serious and use it!!
Denton Levy
I endorse this manifesto
Elan Nicole Paulson
Western University
An important list of key evidence-informed principles and practices that will improve eLearning experiences for all.