Manifesto Signatories 4/21/2014

Lionel Redelinghuys
iCyber Specialists (Pty) Ltd
We are an eLearning company based in South Africa, a country where education that is affordable, accessible and of high standards are in great demand.

It is and have always been our vision that every person should have access to affordable, quality education.

Being an eLearning company it is our mission to see that this gets realised and thus we endorse this manifesto and undertake to keep on improving our material, platforms and methods to the benefit of all human beings for as long as there is a place for eLearning in this world.

Robert Lindsay
Salt Lake Community College
These are sound principles to guide our efforts in eLearning design and development. 
Megan Creegan
Equity Residential
I endorse these principles and support the cause.
Theresa Arndt
WorkSource Oregon
I agree with the Manifesto.  Our learning needs to be effective, in alignment with the real world practices and thoughtfully applied.  Curriculum development should be examined to make sure it does what it intends to do and that it helps people meet their goals and objectives in the workplace. 
Juliann Chapman
Dean of Bright Solutions University, TwinStar
AWESOME!  I support the Serious eLearning Manifesto and will do my part to live up to the 22 Supporting Principles and pledge to do my best to promote and support Serious eLearning! Thanks for putting this together. I look forward to the future of eLearning!   
Lisa Toenniges
Innovative Learning Group and ISPI
I endorse the eLearning Manifesto!
Andrea Bosshard
Pepgo Ltd
I endorse this eLearning manifesto and support the Initiators and their efforts and I vow to create impactful, performance-focused and engagement driven learning experiences.
Robin Petterd
Sprout Labs
So far eLearning hasn’t delivered on it’s promise to transform learning

The manifesto sets a benchmark for what the design and development of elearning should be.