Manifesto Signatories 4/23/2014

Bill Gauthier
CCA Global Partners
Excellent!  I can easily endorse the eLearning Manifesto because it clearly outlines what needs to happen for good learning to take place.  Thanks for all your work on the eLearning Manifesto.
Bob Winter
CA Technologies
It’s about time! Too often eLearning is a solution in search of a problem. This should become the Hippocratic Oath of instructional design.
Debbie Wooldridge
We strongly support the e-learning Manifesto and are adopting it into our company culture.
Cindy Chesworth Adams
Department of Teaching,
Learning and Technology
College of Education, Lehigh University
I pledge to strive to incorporate the principals of the e-Learning Manifesto to the best of my abilities while creating interactive online content that will "wow" learners and be truly relevant to their needs both in my current Ph.D. project and in my professional work.
Haydeé Trujillo
I do
Michael Ramsey
Ramsey Learning Group
These foundations separate effective learning design and use from the band-aid approach. We need to focus on the performance improvement aspect of our learning instead of the "Hey, we got a training problem. Toss together an elearning course to fix it." make the boss happy by working on his topic of the moment. He/she gets to say a solution in in the works and brags about the amount of money and time saved using rapid development. Avoiding the analysis and ensuring that it is a training problem is just the start of bad solutions. Anyone who uses this manifesto as the foundations for their work will be focusing on resolving issues, using resources effectively, and making people more effective in their work.
Abram Lloyd Siegel
The Horace Mann Companies
I pledge to continute bringing the principles of this movement to bear in all of my instructional design. I will continue advocating for my learners, whether it be to my colleagues, the executives in my company, or anyone for that matter. Life is to short to subject people to bad learning experiences!