Manifesto Signatories 10/22/2018

Heidi Fuller
We needed to set some strong standards, regarding eLearning design. The values and principles provided in the manifesto is something we should all live by within the realm of Learning and Development. I proudly endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Brandon Steger
I support the effort to completely leverage the technology available to us to enhance the learning experience and provide more effective training. I will not simply digitize traditional training materials.
Ruth Habermehl
The vision of the Manifesto is exactly mine with one exception: not “performance” but “usefulness for the learner” is my relevant goal. It can result in performance but also in personal flourishing.
Seira Shalton
I fully endorse this Manifesto because as a professional ID and UX designer, I truly believe that e-learning should serve a purpose and benefit the learner’s performance and significantly improve their experience to be able to do their job well.
Jacqueline Hutchinson
I originally signed this April 20, 2015, but felt it was important to confirm my commitment to Serious eLearning, my clients, their employees/learners, and, of course – to the Manifesto!