Manifesto Signatories 10/8/2018

Mike Kunkle
Transforming Sales Results, LLC
I completely endorse this manifesto. The impish part of me thinks it may not be radical enough, but most days, I’d be overjoyed if we just got the right type of performance intervention used for the right problem – and when learning is part of the solution – the right type of learning solution/media, built with sound instructional design strategy and with transfer in mind, to foster behavior change and performance improvement.
Heather Vogt
Solutions for REAL
As a freelance LX designer and developer looking to help organizations and classrooms harness the power of learning with robust, engaging, authentic learning (REAL) solutions, the eLearning Manifesto is the guiding force in how I work with clients. Whether I’m “just” developing a single REAL solution or creating a REAL solutions package targeted at changing behavior, I use the Manifesto to guide my work. I’m so glad I have something concrete and research-backed to guide me!