Manifesto Signatories 10/30/2018

Eric Mingorance
Akamai Technologies
I agree with the supporting principles of the manifesto and I’m extremely passionate about a number of them; from tying learning to performance goals and targeting Improved performance, to respecting learnings and adapting to their needs, to measuring effectiveness. These are principles we are actively applying, and improving upon, to enable our workforce, make out company successful and a great place to work and grow.
Charlotte Schüler
As Digital Learning Solutions Consultant and Designer of Learning Experiences, I endorse the eLearning Manifesto! It is important to me that evidence-based learning approaches, rooting in Learning Sciences, are combined with LXD to address the complex interactions of a learning environment and culture and social/group and individual factors in digitally enhanced education/training/learning. I also believe that by tailoring eLearning to the learners in an iterative/agile way, following human-centred design principles, we focus on matching real needs, which will lead to measurable improvement in real life and ‘Return on Effort’ so that all stakeholders are winners.
Dawn Snyder
I signed this years ago but want to recommit to learner-focused design in e-learning. It’s important that we focus on standards that reflect our current understanding of what good instruction looks like and works like in order to get the results we want/need in our organizations.
Billy Harbey Escobar Guerrero
Grupo Logístico TCC – Logistic Group TCC
Como organización nos unimos al manifiesto y declaramos que en el Grupo Logístico TCC, promovemos el ambiente digital como generador de aprendizajes significativos, de manera que se promueva en desarrollo de las capacidades y valores de cada persona.

As an organization, we join the manifesto and declare that in the TCC Logistics Group, we promote the digital environment as a generator of meaningful learning, in a way that promotes the development of the capabilities and values ​​of each person