Manifesto Signatories 8/14/2014

Suzanne Balch
The Occasions Group
I endorse the Manifesto and will diligently pursue the best learning designs to create the best learning outcomes for the center of my Universe – my Learners.
Ravindra Pal Singh
Renaissance eServices Pvt. Ltd.
Hi, I’m eLearning designer and developer in Renaissance( Thank you ALL! For this Innovative dream of eLearning Manifesto. Points you have focused in both "Typical eLearning" and "Serious eLearning" covered whole eLearning like a mother. I’m fantasised that all I have to say.
Frank Carbullido
I-ERAI Consulting
I fully endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and hope that it can continuously improve and evolve to reflect the highest standards in this dynamically changing field.
Martha A Gery
MGS Consulting
This manifesto will help both designer and the end customer establish expectations of an e-Learning course. Standards will create a foundation for all e-Learning and therefore finally unify the communication, expectations and delivery.