Manifesto Signatories 8/13/2014

Antonio Delgado
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifiesto because eLearning technologies are for link to synaptic, social and artificial networks of knowledge. Not to give classes.
Ryan Parish
Inception Labs
It’s about time that we take eLearning and flip it on its head– providing our learners with real, interesting courses that help them change their behavior, not just feed them information. Me, and the rest of Inception Labs embrace and endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto!
John Ambrose Kaiom
University of Papua New Guinea
I am in support of Serious eLearning therefore would like to endorse this proposed standard for our learners. Yours in eLearning, J.Ambrose
David Swaddle
I love the idea of pushing eLearning in the right direction. This manifesto and the principles it presents are a great nudge in the right direction. IMHO there’s little point to training unless it changes behaviour – whether it’s eLearning, blended or traditional. Much of the manifesto can apply to any training or teaching, not just eLearning.
Ghada AbdulSamad
Nahdet Misr publishing group
I support and endorse the manifesto. It’s time to have principles and guidance for better elearning outputs.
Michael Osborne
Red F Design
The Serious eLearning Manifesto is a fantastic document that should be followed by everyone creating eLearning!
Mike Osborne
We need to get the eLearning industry back on track. By following these principles, you can!
Alex Pritchard
Just buying into software for elearning doesn’t result in quality elearning alone. Applying the principles of a linear approach to PowerPoint doesn’t scratch the surface of what elearning can do (Heavy dull content slide after slide). I agree with the manifesto and totally back it!
David Germain
The principles outlined in the manifesto are central to our craft, and obligatory for each of us as professionals working to empower others to develop their talent and improve their performance. I hope that this manifesto will inspire and challenge us all to do more.