Manifesto Signatories 5/8/2014

Andrea Velasquez, PhD
Brigham Young University
I especially love the approach to authenticity and richness of experience in contrast to the lecture mode.  In this way we respect the learner so much more because we respect their ability to make choices in real-world scenarios.  Thank you for this manifesto.
Davinder K
I endorse this manifesto as I agree that we really need to create strong principle to provide the best and usable elearning material to end users
Arshad Nadamal
National Bank of Oman
I agree with and endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto. This can be the guidance document for all involved. 
Therese McCoy
Digital Oyster
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Freddie Batista
GreatLearningWorks/Great HealthWorks
As a pioneer in eLearning I have seen it evolve pretty much from it’s inception to now. I have been involved in elearning from both Government, Corporate America and the University levels. I agree with this Manifesto, as a Senior Manager for the largest infomercial company in the US we are always looking for a way to increase the retention. It’ so true on what you mention we have over a dozen contractors and some of them were graphic and web developers that’s where the creation of eLearning content is going to. They look for guidance and the purpose of this Manifesto is to have the guidance available. Great Job !
Buck Harrison
I believe that learning is more than reciting facts. It is a change in how you interact with the world around you. Serious elearning fits this perfectly. 
Jaciara da Costa
100% agree!
Anne Richardson
US Customs and Border Protection
I endorse the Manifesto.
Keith Williams
Court Services, Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
There needs to be a global standard, understanding, and QA process that is universally accepted, verified, and endorsed. That unique mix of minds, acceptance and future work will drive this excellence as a framework for eLearning across disparate global areas in which we work and operate. One learning, one for all, as we work to learn and learn to work together…
Karen Kinch
CA Technologies
If you are able to implement these principles in your projects and programs, you will have created learning that leads to real and impactful results.