Manifesto Signatories 5/1/2014

Laura Stremler
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and will follow the principles contained within it to the best of my abilities. I will also spread the word among my coworkers so we can increase our impact in making a change for the better. 
J L Pope
I proudly and enthusiastically endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto. It represents the ideals I have held for education for many years.

As we follow the principles embodied in the Manifesto, we will create experiences for learners that will help them gain real growth. Organizations will see unprecedented return on their investment in education.

While I completely support the declarations of the Manifesto, my hope is that leaders across all industries will recognize the power of the principles contained herein and will allow, even insist, that learning be done according to these standards.

Howard Eisenberg
Hallelujah. Amen. I endorse the manifesto. Thanks to the Instigators for articulating this so well.
Anne Cornwell
As the Director of Consulting Services for SmartBuilder, a custom elearning design and development company, I understand that it is not easy to obtain buy-in and understanding from clients of the Serious eLearning Manifesto’s underlying principles.  However, we know from experience that it is in our clients’, and their learners’, best interests that we fight the good fight and promote and support these principles.

I pledge to do my part to implement the principles, and to educate others about them.  Let’s create elearning that makes a genuine difference for our clients, and in the lives of our learners!

Chris Badgett
Badgett Media
As an owner of a web development, design, and business consulting company with a focus on empowering educational entrepreneurs through developing powerful WordPress LMS websites, I fully endorse the eLearning Manifesto. Focusing on the best possible learning and results outcome for the student is the cornerstone of a high impact online learning experience.