Manifesto Signatories 5/19/2014

Chris Kaplan
I’ve been following the directive "text on the left image on the right" for too long.  I believe we should focus on these principles and then find (or make) the tools we need in order to achieve them rather than be confined to the limits of the tools we have at hand.

The teacher and learner have been discarded in a rush to ‘put all our training online’.  This is unacceptable and I hope to be a part of changing that reality.

Dr. Adam Chester
Some excellent points. I particularly agree with the notion of measurement and iterative development. 
Sjoerd Boersma
New technology offers countless ways of innovative learning, but also countless ways to get lost. The manifesto was written by a couple of the most experienced people on eLearning. The manifesto is a great guide that helps us move forward in finding better learning!
Leo M Grassi
Walden University, Doctoral Candidate, Education Technology
I support the constructs, concepts and rationale as espoused by the Manifesto, as they align with proven approaches to efficient and engaging learning experiences requiring all participants (designers, facilitators, learners)to meaningfully invest in such shared constructions.   
Larry Nardolillo
GP Strategies
I am signing this Manifesto because I believe in the idea, not the chances of its success. I think this effort is DOOMED TO FAILURE, just like every other effort to give trainers and training more credibility in the business world. I do not believe that the makers of eLearning can decide what the users of eLearning will buy. Get a few buyers on this list and then you will be successful.