Manifesto Signatories 5/15/2014

Matthew Miller
Cairo American College
This manifesto is an excellent outline of the principles by which I try to educate and to build learning materials.  I wholeheartedly endorse it.  I will be continuing to refer to it as one of the guiding documents for my in-class games development and use of commercial games.  
Luiz Pinho
ARMATA – Learning in Practice
The current initiatives of e-learning programs and the trend we have seen so far has a bitter taste for the L&D development.

The meaning of learning is the accomplishment of a change through additional knowledge. The current path the e-learning programs has taken will not fulfill this goal.

We fully support the manifesto and will forward the initiative in the Brazilian L&D community and integrate the principles in our projects.

Dan J. Clark
Travelers Insurance
I unequivocally endorse the Serious eLearning manifesto.
Rusty Low
Critical to this day where elearning is growing rapidly,and in some contexts seen as a fiscal tool to reduce costs in universities versus being the most highly effective learning modality for some core competencies