Manifesto Signatories 4/15/2014

Shannon Tipton
Learning Rebels
Learning Rebels has always subscribed to the idea that for the L&D community to move forward and be considered business partners, rather than "trainers" or "widget" creators we must take on a different mindset.  This manifesto supports this important change in the current mindset – that just because we can build the "widget" the first question should always be – should we build the "widget".

Once we do decide to build the "widget", what is key are the remainder of the foundation building blocks laid out here. Let’s stop torturing learners with the uninspired and holding them hostages to computer screens that do nothing to encourage the actual exchange of knowledge.

We all need to try harder, think more deeply, be more creative and walk a mile in the learners shoes.  Let’s do this!

Kim Hannan
Equity Residential
Finally, a public declaration to end terrible eLearning and reclaim the adult learning industry as a viable, valuable, and necessary work.

This manifesto guides our work and advocates for the learner. 

Viren Lall
This is a really good step to raise the bar and deliver value
Ken Andrus
Michigan Blood
I whole-heartedly support the principles of the Serious ELearning Manifesto.
Nuno Cardoso
[In]FormaTIC – eLearning Solutions.
Roy Ackema
Tracoin Opleidingen (Netherlands)
Tracoin Opleidingen supports fully the 21 principles of the Manifesto, and is committed to promote these.

We design and implement already our courses based on the Epprobate quality grid principles.

I am qualified to design and assess our learning solutions based on the methodology to plan, measure and evaluate the impact and ROI of our learning solutions.

Further we are committed to integrate reflective learning principles resulting from the EU research project "MIRROR".

Zoe Epstein
This manifesto hits all of the key problem areas with eLearning today.