Manifesto Signatories 4/11/2014

Christina Conroy
Coralesce ltd
A useful quality benchmark in reviewing the quality of elearning
Chad Thomas
Standard Bank
I support using Learning Technology as an enabler to augment the blended learning journey maps
Bruno Baudry
I endorse this manifesto. Its principles should be common sense. May it create a similar dynamic in the instructional design world as the Agile manifesto did in the PM world.
Michael Breagy
Liberty Mutual Insurance
This manafesto is much needed, timely and well-written, focusing on just those things all eLearning professionals should strive to do (while acknowledging that not all of them can be accomplished all of the time)with each and every course he or she develops. With enough momentum, perhaps we can actually begin to reduce the number of boring and ineffective eLearning courses out there and really improve both learners’ performance and opinion of this medium. Way to go!
Barbara Kowalik
Contract Learning Developer (currently at Telvent)
I have been creating e-learning for 25 years. It is wonderful that I can cheerfully endorse a set of standards that needs to be posted on the wall of every single training department.

Thank you.

Lynne Taylerson
Real Time Education. Limited 
Indeed there is a need for some radical rethinking rather than incremental development if we are to get teachers to be advocates of learning technology and make it inclusive for all learners.
Steve Yudewitz
This manifesto describes eLearning that sticks with the learner long after the event is completed. It recognizes that training effectiveness is measured in terms of what is retained, not in how many people sign up to take it.

Effective eLearning is engaging and meaningful. It connects the content presented to its real world applications. The best of the best eLearning teaches in a way that is efficient for the learner.

People who properly combine learner focus, innovation, and interactivity develop this type of eLearning. They deliver meaningful content using scenario-based storytelling, practice, and feedback. Without these elements, only ordinary outcomes are possible.

Jason Gallo
Equity Residential

I whole heartedly agree to  use this manifesto as my guide to create engaging and impactful learning experiences.

No more boring learning!

Verena Bryan
Thank you for putting to print this essential contrast to elearning as it exists today. We need to move from elearning as a substitution to elearning as a redefinition.
Siobhan Shand
Authentic and respectful learner-focused learning (what a concept!).
Kevin Lohan
Endeavour Interactive
I endorse. I endorse. I endorse.