Monthly Archives: May 2015

Manifesto Signatories 5/29/2015

Aneta Tyrakowska
From the very beginning, we create our e-learning based on the principles described in this manifesto. Today, it’s time to give it a final confirmation. So I seriously express my endorsement on the Serious eLearning Manifesto! 🙂
Yuqin Huang
City of Calgary

Manifesto Signatories 5/27/2015

Piotr Peszko
Serious eLearning Manifesto is a great guidance and the voice of the industry. It helps me a lot to explain customers what I do and what the eLearning is.
Jennifer Yaros
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto. Too often training and development professionals forget why we do what we do and this manifesto is a excellent reminder.
Jasmine Roswell
Wolters Kluwer
I endorse the manifesto. I think it is awesome. I had the pleasure of hearing Clark speak at the Litmos conference last week and thought the content was empowering, refreshing and motivating.

Manifesto Signatories 5/19/2015

Sallie Wormer
Carlow University
When we focus on the needs of the learner, and not on someone else’s priorities, everyone wins. This manifesto lays the foundation for learner-focused design in a concrete and actionable way. Other than flipping #22, "respect for the learner" to the top of the list, I fully endorse this manifesto.
Lorraine Minister
Great to have this as such a clearly written industry standard. By designing to the list of standards and supporting principles in the manifesto it makes sure that we are producing elearning that will indeed make a difference. Thanks for making this so visible to all.
Lluís Vicent
La Salle Open University
I think this manifiesto reflects the purpose of e-learning nowadays.
Mike Navarro
Supporting and signing up the Serious eLearning Manifesto is our way to share a common target: to dissociate the eLearning from a simply telematic learning concept and allowing emotional aspects in and within the learning process.
Gus Roque
FIU Online
Elearning is more than a page turner.

Manifest Signatories 5/15/2015

Wendy Stubbs
The University of South Dakota
I endorse this manifesto. WS
Tim Gale
I intend to evaluate and incorporate these principles into our ongoing transition from formal to lean /e- learning practices.
Robert Mwenda
I hereby express my total agreement and endorsement of the Serious eLearning Manifesto. We need a new paradigm for eLearning and the Serious eLearning Manisfesto is poised to be just that.

Manifesto Signatories 5/4/2015

Steve Howard
We should always be striving to achieve the best for our learning audience. This manifesto is a great foundation on which to build our future.
Phil Cowcill
Canadore College
The manifesto very nicely wraps up the commandments for serious eLearning.
Rachel Barnum
I endorse the Serious ELearning Signatory. As an instructional designer and elearning developer, I want to focus on creating engaging but effective elearning courses for humans, not robots, This signature represents that.
Niki Bray
I have been designing learning for 18 years. The principles developed in the eLearning Manifesto are on point. I am committed to promoting these standards and developing learning that meets these high standards.


Alex McLennan
I’ve been designing eLearning for 10 years. This manifesto is exactly what instructional designers need to embrace.
Bethany Daniels
Bravo LT
I endorse the E-Learning Manifesto and will do my best to encourage and create performance-based e-learning content that our learners will appreciate.