Manifesto Signatories 5/19/2015

Sallie Wormer
Carlow University
When we focus on the needs of the learner, and not on someone else’s priorities, everyone wins. This manifesto lays the foundation for learner-focused design in a concrete and actionable way. Other than flipping #22, "respect for the learner" to the top of the list, I fully endorse this manifesto.
Lorraine Minister
Great to have this as such a clearly written industry standard. By designing to the list of standards and supporting principles in the manifesto it makes sure that we are producing elearning that will indeed make a difference. Thanks for making this so visible to all.
Lluís Vicent
La Salle Open University
I think this manifiesto reflects the purpose of e-learning nowadays.
Mike Navarro
Supporting and signing up the Serious eLearning Manifesto is our way to share a common target: to dissociate the eLearning from a simply telematic learning concept and allowing emotional aspects in and within the learning process.
Gus Roque
FIU Online
Elearning is more than a page turner.