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Manifesto Signatories 7/30/2014

Allison Weiss
These are solid design principles and important considerations that need to be brought to the the forefront of conversations about eLearning.
Nathalie Cayouette
NC Training & Design Services
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and fully agree with its principles. I am committed to apply these principles to all of my future designs to enrich the learner’s experience.
Debby McNichols
I wholeheartedly endorse the eLearning Manifesto. It is time to utilize elearning’s full capabilities to develop learning that is authentic, adaptable and meaningful. More than ever organizations need well trained and fully engaged employees.
Sheralynn J. Sloan
Wolters Kluwer Health
I endorse and support the eLearning Manifesto.
Rebecca Ferriday
Cardiff University
I have been trying to reinforce a number of the points made in the manifesto for several years. Point 2 is especially salient to me: there are still too many practitioners allowing the tail to wag the dog – trying to fit their subject around a specific technology – and when this doesn’t work, the same practitioners decry technology as ‘bad’. Finally, some common sense has prevailed by way of this new manifesto!

Manifesto Signatories 7/28/2014

Manuel Fernández Navas
Universidad de Cádiz
Great Manifesto! I believe is so necessary a pedagogical review of elearning framework. This manifesto is a great step!
Paul Clothier
I completely endorse and support the goals of the Serious eLearning Manifesto. We all need to start “seriously” educating the organizations we work for and work with to help them understand what well-designed and effective eLearning looks like. Zero tolerance for bad eLearning design!

Manifesto Signatories 7/25/2014

Iain Corbett
Excellent principles that set a rock solid foundation for our organisation.
Andrew Mazurkiewicz
#yes to supporting the manifesto for serious eLearning. May it bring better solutions for all.

Manifesto Signatories 7/24/2014

Melita Farley
Double Farley Creative Partners
It’s exciting to see such a well articulated set of principles that support the design and development of great learning. We’ve been ‘making do’ with mediocre and really poor learning experiences for too long!
Sumana Ghosh
At Cognizant Interactive Learning. we are following the e-learning manifesto principles
Marcus Childress
Baker University,
Past-President AECT
As others have indicated, these principles can (and should)applied to all learning. Imagine how effective F2F/on-ground learning would be if these principles were applied in that setting.

Manifesto Signatories 7/23/2014

Ryan Tracey
I endorse the principles of the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
The Manifesto expresses what effective eLearning designers have already practiced. The key, as in so many areas of life, is to practice these principles consistently. The Manifesto an excellent checklist to keep one focused on delivering truly effective eLearning.
Geoff Horsfall
Medallion Learning
The "engagement" issue is a seemingly perpetual one in eLearning. But the way to address this issue is not a new set of bells and whistles for the current delivery options. Instead, it’s a fundamentally different approach to the problem. When they tell us that the learning is “boring”, they’re not necessarily saying that they expect a video game. What they might be saying is that the instruction doesn’t speak to them as an individual: –it doesn’t reflect the way they learn –it doesn’t reflect their existing level of understanding –it’s not an effective use of their increasingly scarce time. The principals of the eLearning Manifesto offer the fundamentally different approach that’s needed.
Mark L. Sheppard
As a community of practitioners, we need to collectively drive better solutions for our learners, our clients, and our stakeholders. This initiative is long overdue and one to which I am proud to add my name.
Simon Blair
It’ll take work, but the results should definitely be worth it!

Manifesto Signatories 7/16/2014

Bev Hancock
Kaleidoscope Leadership Institute
I believe that that great learning in the 21st century will bring the best that technology has to offer to support deep engagement, meaningful learning that allows learners to own and extend their learning not only in their current context but as part of a life long journey. The eLearning Manifesto supports these principles.
Stacy Morse
Advance Financial
I support the Serious eLearning Manifesto, as it aligns perfectly with my own personal philosophy toward eLearning. I fully commit to incorporating the principles of Serious eLearning into my own elearning projects.

Manifesto Signatories 7/11/2014

Marlie Cardiff
I fully support the principles of serious elearning and commit to applying them in my practice. I also commit to spreading this manifesto with everyone I work with.
Joe Kirby
Ravenswing Enterprises
I endorse the Manifesto as a step in the right direction of creating better learning.
Terry Mackey
United Educators
United Educators completely supports these goals. We are committed to developing courses that engage learners, spark higher order thinking, and bring about transfer of learning to achieve positive behavior change.

Manifesto Signatories 7/10/2014

Sonia Wadhwa
InfoPro Learning
“Learning for Performance” is the mantra that my organization and I live by. The serious Elearning manifesto echos our mantra and speaks to the challenge that the learning profession needs to address if it is serious about demonstrating the impact of learning on business outcomes. So, I endorse this manifesto and believe in its efficacy.
Joe Legatz
This Manifesto can and should be applied to more than just eLearning. It summarizes concepts and principles we, as a profession, already know we should be applying with discipline to everything we do.

Manifesto Signatories 7/8/2014

Stephen Hinds
Business Intellect
This Manifesto recognises that e-Learning is not merely an extension of the classroom. Advances in technology and development in business practices, have placed e-Learning in the vanguard of personnel development. This however, is entirely dependent on the calibre of material and support that is provided. This Manifesto sets out a clear and concise set of standards and practices that, when adhered to, will maintain and extend the value of e-Learning
Chris Heron
People Communicate Ltd
I have believed what is so eloquently and accurately espoused in the manifesto for years that’s why I am happy to sign this manifesto.
Jury Belonozhkin
Professionals of Elearning
I fully support

Manifesto Signatories 7/7/2014

Cath Ellis
Learning Seat
I endorse this serious eLearning manifesto. I aim to ensure that the eLearning I create includes quality instruction and provides a valuable learning experience for the learner.
Oscar Fuente Castrillejo
IEBS Business School
IEBS as an elearning educational institution, accepts, shares and supports this initiative and works to reach these goals in its education programs.
John Slattery
Learning Seat
I am committed to the goals of the manifesto and will use its principles as a reference point in the evaluation of any eLearning created by myself or my peers.