Manifesto Signatories 7/23/2014

Ryan Tracey
I endorse the principles of the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
The Manifesto expresses what effective eLearning designers have already practiced. The key, as in so many areas of life, is to practice these principles consistently. The Manifesto an excellent checklist to keep one focused on delivering truly effective eLearning.
Geoff Horsfall
Medallion Learning
The "engagement" issue is a seemingly perpetual one in eLearning. But the way to address this issue is not a new set of bells and whistles for the current delivery options. Instead, it’s a fundamentally different approach to the problem. When they tell us that the learning is “boring”, they’re not necessarily saying that they expect a video game. What they might be saying is that the instruction doesn’t speak to them as an individual: –it doesn’t reflect the way they learn –it doesn’t reflect their existing level of understanding –it’s not an effective use of their increasingly scarce time. The principals of the eLearning Manifesto offer the fundamentally different approach that’s needed.
Mark L. Sheppard
As a community of practitioners, we need to collectively drive better solutions for our learners, our clients, and our stakeholders. This initiative is long overdue and one to which I am proud to add my name.
Simon Blair
It’ll take work, but the results should definitely be worth it!