Manifesto Signatories 9/22/2015

Heather Carbonara
I endorse the Manifesto
Ashley Knox
St. Charles Health System
I Ashley Knox endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and agree to move forward using these new standards.
Mary Letson
Farmers Insurance
Excellent ideas that I think most of us try to follow but sometimes fall short due to bandwidth, or capabilities etc.
Stacey Page
Kaiser Permanente
I endorse the manifesto
Cynnamon Stelly
I really enjoyed reading the Serious ELearning Manifesto. It provided me with great ideas on how to deliver knowledge from one person to another. It is amazing how society has changed with technology and somehow the majority of society sticks to a traditional way of teaching instead of thinking outside of the box. This information gives that very avenue to travel to order to keep a learning experience engaging and personal to the learner.
Jamie Sadler
I endorse this manifesto!
Steve Haskin
Industrial Strength Learning
I do believe that most eLearning is lacking. But so is most learning, whether it’s adult learning or grammar or high school. I’ve only had one or two teachers who were memorable and actually taught me something I still remember. Learning starts when we’re children. We have to rethink what we’re teaching and how we’re teaching the things we should be teaching. I love to make humorous learning, but I’m very serious about it. The Serious Learning Manifesto is spot on with what it states.
Darren Nerland
Bil and Melinda Gates Foundation
I endorse this manifesto.
Ajay M. Pangarkar
I support the basic principles. Not sure why it took this manifesto to state the obvious.
Kimberly D. Johnson
Golden Corral Corporation
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Melissa Alvarez Mangual
The Nature Conservancy
I support the Serious eLearning Manifesto.