Manifesto Signatories 9/16/2014

Janan Denis
Great Principles, I will endorse this eLearning Manifesto and will use it to guide the creation and delivery of eLearning.
Keesa Johnson Muhammad
Michigan State University
IT services
Learning Design and Technology
I am so amazed and excited that there are elearning professionals that are guiding the light to create a true movement in the world that allows for authentic elearning. We have yet to tape in the beauty of what the web can do! This manifesto is supreme in its thought in establishing a value centered way to view design within elearning. I support and endorse this work 100%. I would love to contribute to the building of this manifesto as I live and create based upon many of the principles listed. We’re missing some my friends!! Allow me to add a few to make 25. 🙂