Manifesto Signatories 9/10/2014

María Eugenia de la Cruz Palacios
Nube Didáctica
Con mucho gusto, pero sobre todo con mucha responsabilidad, me adhiero al Serios eLearning Manifesto. Me comprometo a ofrecer experiencias positivas de aprendizaje. Considero que es necesario por parte del sector e-Learning una gran reflexión sobre ¿cuál es el propósito de la Tecnología Educativa? ¿Cómo saber si el desarrollo de esta Tecnología trabaja para mejorar el aprendizaje, y cómo y con qué se mide y se evalúa ésto? Espero poder seguir aprendiendo y compartiendo Conocimiento con todos los profesionales del e-Learning.
Seth Dickens
I am proud of my choice of career and I enjoy taking a professional approach every single day to creating courses which stimulate and engage my learners. Through this engagement I will work hard to guarantee that my courses effectively identify, teach and assess my clients’ *real* training needs. In addition: My e-learning development and instructional design work will take place once I have first discussed with my clients whether e-learning really is the right solution to their problem. I will not work with companies who produce e-learning as a cheap alternative to a human instructor. I do not want this to be part of my professional work history as I believe volume e-learning companies like this do more harm to our profession than good. I will avoid the memory-dump style of course. I will instead develop material which develops as many real-world transferable skills as I can possibly fit in. In short, I will support, implement and regularly review the principles of the E-learning Manifesto.