Manifesto Signatories 8/5/2014

John Curran
Designed for Learning
I’ve always been serious about e-learning; this manifesto helps us move from ‘learning of last resort’ to ‘learning of first resort’.
Russell Clarke
Anything that drives participatory education forward needs to be embraced.
Debra McTaggart
I support serious elearning so that learners can perform better on their job and attain goals that move the business forward. Success is realized for everyone! This is my entire motivation for coming to work every day.
Daniel Casillas
UT Southwestern
I Daniel Casillas agree with and endorse the eLearning Manifesto. I agree to continue applying and improving my development of eLearning courses that incorporate these principles.
Colleen Adl
Workplace Safety & Insurance Board
This manifesto will help more people to create engaging learning experiences that change behaviors because they change minds. Follow it. Show it to your SMEs. Let’s stop flipping pages (and clicking buttons).
Peter Chotin
I, Peter Chotin, fully endorse the manifesto.