Manifesto Signatories 8/4/2015

Donna Baker
Baker Media
It has been my privilege to be involved in developing and delivering information to a variety of learners, ranging from nursing students to designers to database users. I believe my primary purpose is to serve as an interpreter to help my user/student understand and incorporate new information in a way that is meaningful and useful to them, and I fully endorse the serious eLearning manifesto.
Blair Parkin
I will use the elearning manifesto as the underlying and guiding principles when working through a project, to ensure the most relevant and practical solution is used, and that the solution meets the needs of the LEARNER
Michael Ayulo
Cornerstone BEC
Always have and will continue to support these principles. Like doctors, eLearning professionals should "Do no harm" to both the businesses that invest in learning and the individuals that consume it.