Manifesto Signatories 8/29/2014

Jane Maduke
Larch Learning Solutions Inc.
I commit to diagnosing root causes, respecting learners, iterating my design and development, using interactivity to prompt deep engagement and measuring actual performance results.
Matthieu Esteve
I endorse the eLearning Manifesto as this is to me a very complete and valuable set of guidelines for crafting high quality eLearning and a great tool to explain what our job is all about.
Christine Bosworth
The eLearning Manifesto respects the learner; its supporting principles provide us with measurable and sustainable goals that serve to underpin our instructional design and facilitation activities.
Nils Carlberg
Triglyf AB and member of the Swedish learning awards head jury
The manifesto is highly appreciated and I fully support it in my daily work with eLearning for professionals. I have two main areas that I personally would like to add to the manifesto: -Link eLearning to Sustainability and innovation. -Always try to make eLearning fun and engaging without loosing the respect for the learner.