Manifesto Signatories 8/25/2014

Kaylene Harrison
Independent Training Consultant
I wholeheartedly support and endorse the manifesto; I just hope that others outside the L&D world will see it and buy into it.
Larry Lynch
IU Health Multimedia Group
I urge anyone developing eLearning to read the principles and try to implement them in their everyday work to make training and performance successful.
Robert Becker
Becker Multimedia, Inc.
The manifesto describes problems that have pervaded and dominated the online learning industry for decades.
Will Constantine
As someone who is newer to the eLearning industry as core focus, I read much research that outlines the same implications for eLearning. I am lucky to not have benchmarked myself on the old principles "click to next". I intend to fully apply the Manifesto to the work that I do. I am excited for the change that we are going to make on the profession of L&D and more importantly performance. This should also be talked about openly and engage people in conversations that encourage designers to apply the Manifesto and also, eventually make it even more meaningful. I look forward to having these conversations at conferences and throughout my interactions with the learning community.
Jeff Andersen
Mars Hill University
I endorse this eLearning Manifesto and will use it to guide my learning and the creation and delivery of eLearning environments.
Aaron King
Education Think Box
Not only is this revolutionary, it is also a refreshing and innovative ideology of elearning.
Jennifer Cross
The pursuit of the ideals set forth in the Serious eLearning Manifesto are what lead me to be an instructional designer and trainer. Anyone who seriously cares about the people he or she is training should sign this.
Barry Kayton
Cognician Inc
As co-founder of Cognician I fully endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto. Bravo for codifying these principles!
Maria Schutt
Who would not endorse the manifesto? Learners are running away from elearning and stakeholders are losing faith in our ability to produce meaningful learning experiences outside the traditional classroom setting… elearning needs to be redefined, designers need to re-learn how to design for elearning, and faith in elearning capabilities can be restored.
Natalie Wieland
CPD Interactive
eLearning can be a genuine and exciting learning experience, but it is important it is suitable and done well. Further it provides access to education without prejudice or discrimination. The manifesto helps ensure only high quality eLearning becomes the standard.