Manifesto Signatories 7/28/2015

Raman K. Attri
Personal Resonance©
I come from the angle of how e-learning could accelerate time-to-proficiency at workplace. During my Doctorate research, e-learning if properly designed (using or conforming to several of e-learning manifesto listed on this site), it has proven to actually compress or shorten time to proficiency of employees in acquiring complex skills.By virtue of my research findings, I endorse and support e-leaning manifesto and I envision it as some sort of e-learning standards at one point in future. It’s a good move.
Celeste Mulder
Sage HR & Payroll
I endorse the Manifesto. I respect those who will utilise my e-Learning offering and do everything in my power to ensure that their experience is memorable, valuable and engaging. I’ve also started to spread the word to others in my company across the globe; empowering them to do the same.