Manifesto Signatories 7/2/2014

Eleanor Mante
Trinity Mirror Plc
I am a certified instructional designer who is dedicated to the creation of meaningful and memorable e-learning experiences to benefit learners, SMEs, and reviewers of e-learning content everywhere.
Bruce Barkis
BGB Advanced Resources, LLC
As a serious eLearning professional, I embrace these principles. These are all consistent with what our business partners — internal and external — and the learners require for us to be essential, relevant and valued. Several points especially resonate with me. “Spaced Practice” is a reminder that learning is a process not an event. mLearning enables learners to achieve a level of mastery at their convenience. #15 PS is a reminder that learning need not look like learning but rather seemlessly integrate into the performers’ work. #22 Respect is a reminder we’re collaborating with fellow adults; to collaborate, not condescend.
Eraclito de Souza Argolo
Universidade Federal do Maranhão
I support this initiative as a researcher interested in this field of human knowledge.