Manifesto Signatories 6/6/2014

Gwen Harris
G Harris Information Services
This is a wonderful guide to inspire us to make elearning (and all learning) more effective and enjoyable.
Jennifer Bittman
Creative Learning Unleashed
I endorse this Manifesto.
Fiona Row
City of Calgary
I fully endorse this manifesto. I think it’s imperative that we (as an industry) adopt far higher standards for e-learning because the word has already begun to produce a shudder in the learner audience.
Colleen Carmean
University of Washington Tacoma
It is past time for a change in the way we implement learning. Let’s start with eLearning, get SERIOUS, and see what happens.
Elena Sánchez Ferrero As experienced learner and amateur teacher I fully support the manifesto principles. We are all responsible to create a new and better model of education, on line or face to face. And I sincerely believe we are already doing it!
Dr. Bart Tkaczyk, MBA
Not only does iterative Serious eLearning perform, but eLearning Design transforms as well.