Manifesto Signatories 6/18/2015

Liz Baker
Bowman Associates
It is a pleasure to endorse the manifesto. Serious eLearning should be learner centric, meaningful and engaging. If we lose focus of our learners in designing eLearning then we loose focus of their needs and the needs of their organisation. eLearning is often seen as a sausage mill where learners enter at one end and will be churned through until they come out the other with knowledge. The Serious eLearning Manifesto takes this myth and replaces it with the facts that eLearning can influence behaviours, knowledge and skills but has to be designed with care and skill to make it engaging and productive. It is a pleasure to support this manifesto.
Geoffry Hall
TAFE nsw swsi
I have used e-learning as teacher and student and found that its performance was below the standard that was required for real learning. Those who are in education are not teachers do not seem to know or care that that the drive for e-learning as it being done now will fail to deliver the results that believe will come. So I welcome this manifesto as a START to repair the damage to the art of learning and teaching.