Manifesto Signatories 6/15/2015

Barbara Stoner
As an individual who has both taken many e-learning modules and developed as well, I endorse this manifesto.
Ronak Sanghavi
ValueBASE Inc.
I endorse the Manifesto. I want to make one more suggestion though, especially if it is not adequately addressed in the current Manifesto. Even if it is my suggestion is that it should more visibility. Serious learning should rely heavily on "Self-discovery" Typical elearning is designed to communicate knowledge, concepts and techniques. However, designing learning experiences as guided, facilitated probing helps learner make the information THEIR own through self-discovery.
Henk O. Corporaal
Telfort Education Group
Working in education, it is all the more important for me to endorse this manifesto, seeing it as my task and duty to make sure that the young people at the universities and colleges engaging with our e-learning programs get inspired by the possibilities of this new way of learning.