Manifesto Signatories 6/13/2014

Carol Kristensen
Nationwide Insurance
A commitment to good e-learning and good use of e-learning is so important to our success and credibility as learning professionals. We need to be focused on performance — helping people do their jobs better to they and their employers are more successful — and on learners. It’s not about making our jobs as instructional designers or instructors easier. It’s about making learners more successful. And sometimes that doesn’t include formal training. That’s OK. When is use our training tools well everyone benefits.
Steve Mesmer
eLearning Consultant
Great guiding framework. I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Sarah Frick
University of Alaska Anchorage
I support this manifesto for eLearning AND traditional classroom learning!
Chris Wanrooij
Hear Hear!