Manifesto Signatories 4/4/2014

Tricia Luke
Omnitracs, LLC
Yes! Let us surf that radical curve to the Serious eLearning shore. We L&D professionals need to embody these principles, not just refer to them, but practice them and live them.
Andrea Stone
Enable Midstream Partners
Boring eLearning that doesn’t impact performance has done a lot of damage. I wholeheartedly endorse the Manifesto and its supporting principles. We will be using these principles in our Learning Organization to better serve our employees. 
Evette Minns
Sr. Instructional Design Consultant
This manifesto aligns with everything we know to be true about effective design.
Gay E. Bruhn, CPT, Ed.D.
International Society for Performance Improvement
I endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto and agree to use its principles to guide my practice. 
Chris Gilbert
Progressive Insurance
I support and endorse the principles and goals described within the eLearning Manifesto.
Nina Hovaert
Many of the standards are so logical. It is a shame that they are not automatically present in every e-learning.
Carrie Strohl
Viddler Inc
Today’s technology options enable powerful, self-guided learning that, when implemented in a thoughtful way, empowers learners. This manifesto is a great guide to remind us to focus instructional materials on the individual learner and their outcomes.
Michael Harris
I endorse the Manifesto.
Michelle Kenoyer
Allen Interactions
Our learners are, and should always be, our most important customers and our most valuable audience.
Chris Bennett, MS
C Bennett & Associates Performance Consultants
I wholeheartedly agree with each point in the Serious ELearning Manifesto, and commit to practicing its elements in the design of all future eLearning interventions.
Joost Elshoff
Any learning intervention, online or offline, should be engaging and relevant for the learner. Technology is not always the answer for improving learning. And when it’s used, it should be used adequately… not for the sake of having the tech available.
Jacco Muller
I endorse the principles detailed in this manifesto. I believe that, when implemented, the principles will lead to improved engagement and performance of all trainees.
Aaron Conway
In developing experiences for elearning or learning at large, this manifesto should comprise the bedrock of any such endeavor if those experiences are to have greater meaning, purpose, and impact.