Manifesto Signatories 2/3/2015

Mark T. Burke
While my focus is K-12 eLearning, the manifesto is 100% relevant and drastically needed as a model for developers and school leaders. K-12’s eLearning growth is dramatic and going rather unchecked. School leaders often lack the skills to lead online programs and therefore, often roll out inadequate programs in order to meet enrollment demands. As these programs fail, leaders then believe eLearning is failing. Yet, more kids are enrolled in more courses and programs grow. To respond, builders build courses quicker, with less concern over learning goals and more concern over volume. The K-12 eLearning industry has models to follow in terms of programming, but needs a model for individual professionals to help them build a mental model of how to think about their roles. I believe the manifesto is just that tool. Thanks.
Helena Nacinovic
I agree and support this manifesto.