Manifesto Signatories 2/23/2015

Joshua Farquharson
Allied Health Tools LLC
I fully endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto because it provides a set of standards that should be followed for creating learner-centered educational content. By applying the guidelines outlined in the Manifesto, learners are likely to be more engaged and find their learning experiences more meaningful and memorable.
Chris Prigmore
Exceed Performance Solutions
This Manifesto succinctly summarizes everything I strive for when using Serious eLearning to address performance gaps. I especially appreciate that the Supporting Principles present an evidence-based approach to our craft.
Jeff Johannigman
People Type Consulting
As a former game designer turned trainer, I value the true potential of elearning to be engaging, interactive, and effective – when done right! This manifesto is a great set of principles to get us there.