Manifesto Signatories 1/20/2015

Jeff Salin
D2L Creative Services
I full support a greater focus to performance based learning which respects and focuses efforts on application. Down with boring page turning eLearning!
Janet Gregory
Compass Performance Solutions, Inc.
I whole-heartedly endorse the eLearning Manifesto. I will incorporate these 22 principles into the framework I follow when presented with learning requests and will encourage others to do the same. Thank you for moving us toward better elearning!
Anil Ladslaus D Souza
I endorse this Manifesto and agree with the 22 Principles listed.
Marsi Miller
Paradyme Management
Yes, I endorse the manifesto! Bravo to the instigators. A few thoughts, none of which obviate my endorsement: – The word "manifest" makes me queasy. Hints of dogma. – Substantively, re. principle 21: it strikes me that the work of psychologist Robert Bjork and colleagues is relevant here. Particularly their finding that making mistakes when the stakes are low, then self-correcting, helps people learn (if I’m interpreting the research correctly). If true, perhaps that would mean that principle 21 would be more than an option, it’s necessary. We know that organizations go on and on about failure being a good thing. In my experience, they don’t mean it. That’s why if the research shows low risk failure is a good thing, it might help make this principle palatable to executives.
James D. Ehinger
Cornerstone Information Systems
I applaud the creators of this Manifesto and will be applying its principles to our training and course development.
Yongcheng Gan
I fully endorse this Manifesto. We should take the challenges and actions to make eLearning meaningful, memorable, and engaging for learner experiences. Let’s get serious!