Manifesto Signatories 11/3/2014

Jason Haag
Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative
I endorse this manifest and hope to help spread the word!
Lori Salmonsen
Shelly Blair
Toastmasters International
We can do better– and this provides a path. We can create performance enhancing, focused, useful elearning!
Cheryl Ludwa
Dept of Veterans Affairs
Agreed! Well designed training, learner centric, based on solid measures and objectives benefit organizations and their workforce.
Rosalie Buck
Ogden – Weber Applied Technology College
Yes, I endorse the elearningmanifesto wholeheartedly.
Ryan Alm
The preservation and advancement of our industry requires our adoption of the Serious eLearning Manifesto. Pleased to endorse and support this effort!
Shawn McGinniss
Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing, CUNY
Excellent set of principles that instructional designers and e-learning professionals can refer to in the course of their work.