Manifesto Signatories 11/18/2014

Capacity Academy
Queremos ser parte del movimiento, porque creemos que una educación online, de calidad y de fácil acceso para los usuarios.
Beatriz Calvo González
A Todo Training
Me adhiero y apoyo el manifiesto Serious eLearning y me comprometo a trabajar por implementar en mi metodología de diseño y desarrollo los 22 principios que propone para mejorar la calidad del elearning que ofrecemos a nuestros clientes y nuestros alumnos.
James Hill
Fidelity Investments
To often we reach for the stock solutions for learning, training and practice. The needs being driven by the business without much thought going into the needs of the learner. It doesn’t matter if you can create an hour of content in 2 days or 8 hours of content in 1 day, if the material is ineffective, you’re wasting your time and the learners time. I support these key principles in the Manifesto, in the hope that we can create an engaging and effective learning experience across all delivery mechanisms.