Manifesto Signatories 10/20/2014

Michelle Vilamaa
Alabama Department of Mental Health
I am committed to working towards excellence in development of e-learning and blended learning materials. I will strive to continue expanding my knowledge of best practices and teaching techniques.
Monica Sulecio de Alvarez
Independent eLearning Consultant
I truly believe in learning experiences that are meaningful and authentic to help learners build competencies for real life. I understand the role of the distance learning teacher as a partner in the learning process who provides support, illuminates the paths that learners walk, mediates their discoveries and gives meaning to interaction in learning communities. The manifesto makes explicit what elearning really is.
Hassan Backeer
Institute of Banking Studies
I Hassan Backeer, being an elearning expert with a 16 years experience in the field, having seen both successes and failures of elearning, unfortunately more failures than successes, I fully endorse the "Serious Elearning Manifesto" and totally agree to the approach suggested by it. Also, I would like to note that I am currently conducting my own private research on elearning failure, as part of my work for my Doctorate Program, during which I will use the manifesto as a core item.
Ricky Ellis
This manifesto is a rock of common sense… Unfortunately it’s not that common anymore
Juan Carlos Amez
Academia Cervantes
We do believe in that individualized top quality standards and taking care of students is the best any person or organization can do for others. So we will encourage, take care, satisfy the highest standards in elearning and will deal with passion in students. We do believe in continuous learning and in making this society a better one through excellence.