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Manifesto Signatories 5/14/2019

Hansel Serrao
Practical Processes
I fully support the principles of the Manifesto and my aim will always be to develop meaningful, motivational and memorable learning that is outcome and performance focussed.
Effrossini Kountiou
MOU sa
I endorse and support the values and principles of the Manifesto. I will work to continually improve learning experience and design and provide learners with meaningful, engaging learning, adapted to their needs, so they will be able to respond to real workplace challenges.
Diane Coradlo
Coradlo Consulting
Bad eLearning is still around. We need the Serious eLearning Manifesto now more than ever. I endorse all principles and practices delineated in this manifesto. I thank the Instigators for their craftsmanship and expertise, and Signatories and Trustees for supporting and promoting the cause.
Peter Goldstein
I fully endorse the Manifesto!
Karthik Raghuraman
I endorse serious learning
Dianne Hope
The Knowledge Project
I endorse this manifesto and believe that to effectively engage learners we need to embrace modern learning standards, become digital learning role models and offer things worthy of engagement.
Claudio A Endara
Universidad Hosanna
Nosotros la Universidad Hosanna (unihosanna) y todos sus operadores logísticos reconocemos y firmamos el manifiesto de Serious elearning
Richard Cross
The world is constantly in search of panaceas, easy solutions to the myriad of complex problems we are presented with. Given that complexity is not going to disappear any time soon, as responsible providers of learning solutions, we should be committed to the avoidance of the risk of offering well-intentioned but wasteful panaceas. This is why the Serious eLearning Manifesto matters. It outlines for us some of the basic shortcuts, lazy practices, or over-promising approaches that masquerade as quality learning experiences. Buyers and providers alike will do well to read the manifesto, understand what it is saying and take it into account. At Senscia, we stand by the manifesto and commit to delivering it in everything we do for our clients and colleagues.
Anshuman Gautam
Bigtime Consulting
Endorsement of the Manifesto: The world today has more knowledge than ever before, but not everyone can benefit from it. Quality education is the foundation of sustainable development. I believe UNICEF’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG-4 – Quality Education) by 2030 can only be achieved by using serious eLearning manifesto. Being in this domain for two decades, I fully endorse this manifesto.
José Luis Alatorre
ExAp, S.A. C.V.
I fully pledge to pursue the ideals and objectives of the Serious eLearning Manifesto. Actively seeking to use them in the design and review of the learning experiences we participate.
Judy Albers
Intrepid by Vital Source
For too long, we’ve adjusted to the constraints placed on us by early eLearning technologies and outdated mindsets. It is possible to create online learning experiences that provide realistic practice, authentic context, and meaningful involvement. I’m committed to the full set of standards in this manifesto.