Monthly Archives: January 2019

Manifesto Signatories 1/28/19

Simon Gosney
Dimensions UK Ltd
The supporting principles make me feel excited and optimistic about the potential of eLearning when used well. I will champion these principles in my practice and hold the eLearning we are responsible for in my organisation to these standards.
Kaleem Bhatti
Utterly on-point!

Manifesto Signatories 1/15/19

Lerissa Patrick
The UPS Store, Inc.
We’ve all been distracted by the entertainment value of e-learning, and we’ve left the learners in the dust as a result. If we aren’t focused on the learner experience, how can we call ourselves instructional designers?
Jason Watson
I am focused on creating learner-centered content that embodies the design guidelines and principles that are laid out here. I am focused on making these the floor of my lessons, incorporating them as is appropriate for each lesson I create and project I take on. With the goal of naturally adding them as I design without too much effort.

Manifesto Signatories 1/2/2019

Clei Wandeson Ferreia Santiago
I agree with the support principles of the eLearning Manifesto and we enthusiastically support e-learning. We commit to practice student-centered design, which motivates students to innovate with knowledge and to link safety and loss prevention to health, safety and environmental outcomes! where we have been operating for 20 years, with the same respect for our business!
Raquel Ladrón de Guevara
GP Strategies
As a learning and development passionate professional I´m committed to follow the principles of this manifesto because I think is a valid and valuable tool to make my practice even better.
Kirsten Brandt
We (RMMBR) create High end customized digital learning solutions. We… …Help organizations to get the best out of digital learning when training and developing human capital. …Design, create and deliver smart and sustainable learning solutions that enhance your organization’s performance: Solutions with impact. …Build learning solutions that truly work. Custom-made or using existing tooling. On any device, any screen, in any language. Always focus on creating concepts & content with the end user in mind. See for different cases that support this.