Monthly Archives: June 2017

Manifesto Signatories 6/29/17

Hazel Lobo
I fully support the principles enshrined in this Manifesto – and particularly appreciate the ranking of the first two principles. The manifesto will guide all my training materials going forward.

Manifesto Signatories 6/28/2017

Javier Ortega
This manifesto shows the guidelines to design a good learning experience.

Manifesto Signatories 6/27/17

Stephen Harlow
Wise Management Services
I am committed to and endorse the Serious eLearning Manifesto.
Abhijit Navale
LearningMate Solutions, Inc
At LearningMate, our passion is to build learning experience which has measurable impact on the learners and businesses. We fully support and embrace this manifesto.

1000th Serious eLearning Manifesto Signatory 6/26/2017

Brianne Fitzgerald
California State University, Monterey Bay
The eLearning Manifesto is a brilliant compilation of learning research and instructional design principles. By applying the principles of the manifesto in every learning creation, we can elevate the level of trust in the field and contribute to improved performance and professional development in our organizations.

Manifesto Signatories 6/22/2017

Andrea Lozano
LoeducO – Soluciones Educativas
Totalmente de acuerdo con el manifiesto, es una excelente iniciativa para generar una educación virtual de calidad.

Manifesto Signatories 6/21/2017

Ilhan Chawla
Zillion eLearning
I support serious eLearning that is tailored as per learners’ needs.

Manifesto Signatories 6/20/2017

Théane Lavigne
I support serious eLearning that is geared towards learners needs.
Shirley Day
I endorse this Manifesto.

Manifesto Signatories 6/14/2017

Monica Serrano
In CrearMedia we believe in corporate education as a way for people to develop new skills where e-learning is an excellent tool that boost the way people learn. Our commitment is located in the value of instructional design and instructional graphic design to create training that gives value to companies by focusing on the user experience. We’re dedicated to embrace a b-Learning culture in Mexico and other countries in Latin America.

Manifesto Signatories 6/8/2017

Shanell Suter
I am so happy to know there are like minded Instructional Designers out there advocating for our learners. I am looking forward to improving eLearning one course at a time and grateful to have been introduced to the Serious eLearning Manifesto.